New IJWIL articles published!

IJWIL is pleased to announce the publications of a Special Issue on WIL Research Methods, guest edited by Jenny Fleming from AUT University, New Zealand.

  • Jenny Fleming, Karsten E. Zegwaard: Methodologies, methods and ethical considerations for conducting research in work-integrated learning
  • Patricia Lucas, Jenny Fleming, Julie Bhosale: The utility of case study as a methodology for work-integrated learning research
  • Roelien Brink: A multiple case design for the investigation of information management processes for work-integrated learning
  • Craig Cameron: The evolution of a mixed methods study in work-integrated learning
  • Julie Bytheway: Using grounded theory to explore learners’ perspectives of workplace learning
  • Helen Stephenson, David Giles, Kerry Bissaker: The power of hermeneutic phenomenology in restoring the centrality of experiences in work-integrated learning
  • Anna D. Rowe, Cherie Way, Kate Lloyd, Nicola Myton, Niree Kraushaar: Telling your story of work-integrated learning: A holistic approach to program evaluation
  • Rebecca H. Bilous, Laura Hammersley, Kate Lloyd: Reflective practice as a research method for co-creating curriculum with international partner organisations
  • Shivangi Chopra, Lukasz Golab, T. Judene Pretti, Andrew Toulis: Using data mining methods for research in co-operative education
  • Jenny Fleming: Recognizing and resolving the challenges of being an insider researcher in work-integrated learning

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Karsten Zegwaard
International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning