The ACEN case studies are an opportunity to share quality, innovative WIL practices in a range of disciplines, models and methods.

We aim to showcase WIL practices and innovations that will inspire and lead to the development of quality WIL experiences. On this page we invite WIL practitioners to submit their own WIL case study for publication on the website.

Case Studies must be submitted before the 30 June 2022 to be nominated for the ACEN 2022 ‘Innovation and Excellence Award’.

Draft your Submission

Download this word document to help plan and write your case study before submitting to this page.

Submit a Case Study

Note: Questions 18 to 23 will be reviewed by a panel. Your responses to these questions will be used to determine whether your activity is published by ACEN as a case study.

up to 12 words
University, Vocational Education college, other institution
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Up to 15 words
People identifiable must have given their permission for it to be used. Please appropriately label each image.
Please appropriately label with name and title.
Maximum of five keywords for this case study
Up to 100 words. This will be used in showcasing your WIL activity
Note that proposed or future activities cannot be considered for inclusion in case studies.
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