Work Integrated Learning in Cyber Security 

Host: David Fairman

David Fairman is a highly experienced professional in security and financial crime, having worked for several large financial institution across EMEA, North America and APAC. He is CSO for the Asia-Pacific Region for Netskope.

Student: Yotam Barazani

Yotam Barazani completed a WIL placement at Netskope. He is currently a Security Analyst at Netskope and is undertaking his Bachelor of Cyber Security degree at Deakin. He previously served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Defence Force.



David, why did you decide to host a WIL student in your organisation?

I’m a big believer in developing up-and-coming students in the cybersecurity field. Students need a blend of hands-on, work experience with their studies. Helping undergraduates to get this experience is great for both the students and the industry.

Yotam, what did you learn from your WIL experience?

During my WIL experience I was exposed to countless cybersecurity concepts and ideas that extend far beyond what is taught in a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, I’ve learned what I personally value in a work environment and what sort of career I wish to pursue in the future.

 What have you learned from each other?

David: I learnt that I need to give more time to the WIL student, and consider how to better structure their learning. I also learnt that WIL students have a creative mindset and can research, self-teach, and bring that back into a work deliverable.

Yotam: David has been there to teach me complex concepts of cybersecurity and to share his vision and ideas. He has been guiding my learning and work, which has been focused on producing research papers on the topics of Data Security and Security of Critical Infrastructure in Australia.

Thinking about your current WIL experience, what would you do better next time?

David: I would take more time to understand the WIL student’s motivation, their goals and what they want to achieve. I would also take more time tailoring their activities, and think about how to engage more regularly in a collaborative environment.

Yotam: In self-management, I would utilise planning tools to set myself tasks and deadlines to ensure regular progress. For relationship building I would reach out more and set meetings myself.

Thinking about your current WIL experience, what are you proud of and what do you most appreciate?

David: I’m proud of the reputation that Yotam has earned across the team. Yotam is seen as a high-potential, future leader in this industry and is fully supported by Netskope. I’m very appreciative of his patience. Despite the difficulty of reaching me, Yotam was flexible and adaptable about how and when we engaged.

Yotam: I’m most proud of the research paper I wrote on Securing Critical Infrastructure in Australia. Thirty-four pages in length, the paper embodies hundreds of hours of research, as well as the thoughts and ideas that David and I have shared. I appreciate a lot of what David’s done for me but I’m most appreciative of his efforts to ensure that I was happy at Netskope. He has fostered a professional relationship that extended to a friendship.

ACEN is delighted to announce “Together we WIL”, a student-written newsletter column.

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