Student scholarship reflections for 2018


Each year ACEN awards eight $1500 scholarships to provide financial support for students undertaking a WIL placement in a regional or remote area of Australia as part of their 2017/2018 university studies. Upon completion of the placement recipients are required to provide a reflection of the WIL experience which should

  • Identify the personal growth and skill development as a result of the WIL placement
  • How the ACEN Scholarship supported the recipient’s career aspirations
  • Evidence of the ability to think critically and question biases and assumptions

We are adding the reflections for 2018.

Medical placement in Katherine NT

Being able to experience Aboriginal culture as an Australian is a special thing. During my time in Katherine I have not only spent time on the paediatric ward with Aboriginal children and their families, but also explored Katherine’s surrounds with the assistance of the ACEN scholarship.

Dental health display

Dentistry in Ingham QLD

Final year placement in my Bachelor of Dental Surgery course saw me get the opportunity in Ingham Queensland, a small sugar town north of Townsville. During my studies to be a dentist, clinical experience and patient factors are two key, evidence based practice, factors which cannot be overlooked.

Sunrise in Devonport

Dentistry in Devonport TAS

Growing up in a rural and remote town in country NSW has formed a large part of who I am as a person. I owe a lot to rural Australia and have witnessed first-hand the hardships and discrepancies in the field of health care.

Occupational Therapy, Primary School, Broome

Occupational Therapy, Primary School in Broome WA

This experience to me is summed up in the picture. I felt like I was taking a huge leap by traveling interstate to a very remote area of Australia. However, I landed on my feet and was able to grow personally and professionally along the way with other students by my side.

Occupational Therapy in Broome

Occupational Therapy in Broome WA

The idea of a rural occupational therapy (OT) placement initially made me feel uncomfortable, and it was easy to make excuses to opt-out. Going from Sydney to Broome, WA for my final placement was a big commitment.

Mt Gillen

Psychology placement in Central Australia

My advanced three month clinical placement as part of the Doctor of Psychology (clinical and forensic) lead me to the Central Australian Aborginal Congress (CAAC), which is the largest Aboriginal community-controlled organisation in Northern Territory, and also one of Australia’s largest.

Students at lagoon

Teaching in Borroloola NT

Receiving the scholarship for my GEP placement has also significantly enhanced my career opportunities as well as allowing me to experience, first hand, what it would be like to teach in the NT. I felt a great privilege in being able to participate in such an amazing, challenging and eye-opening…