Student Scholarships

2023 ACEN Student Scholarships Online Application

2023 Student Scholarships

All questions must be completed by the applicant personally and accurately to the best of their knowledge. Take care when completing your application as only one entry will be accepted per applicant. The Application has 5 sections: Section 1: Eligibility, Section 2: Personal Details, Section 3: Placement Details, Section 4: Permission & Declaration, Section 5: Supporting Documentation

Section 1: Eligibility 

Section 2: Personal Details

Section 3: Placement Details (if known)

Please note, whilst you may not have your placement details at the time of application, successful applicants will be required to provide placement details prior to receiving scholarship funding. 

Placement start and end dates - it is expected that your placement will be undertaken and completed between 1 July 2023 - 30 June 2024

Section 4: Permission & Declaration

Section 5: Supporting Documentation 


For any queries, please contact