Strategic Plan 2021


Strategic Objectives

Actions 2021

Lead the promotion and enhancement
of quality WIL throughout Australia.

Serve as a reference for best practise in WIL
Enhance staff capacity to implement WIL through professional development and networking opportunities Communicate professional development opportunities to ACEN’s membership base and beyond.
Provide support and recognition to members through scholarships and awards.
Share best practice and research with our community.
Facilitate knowledge sharing and practice in WIL for the improvement of the student experience Scholarship selection criteria will promote greater equity and access for rural and remote students seeking to undertake a WIL placement.
Develop stronger partnerships between host organisations and universities to enhance WIL opportunities and to encourage discussion regarding the ongoing changes to the industrial landscape and the world of work Provide communications and marketing material to promote Awards and Scholarships to member organisations, highlighting the value of acknowledging partnerships and contribution.
Implement an external communications strategy through social media, newlsetters, and stakeholder engagement.
Seek opportunities to collaborate and partner with peak bodies for the funding of research grants, events, and creation of resources.
Identify and advance research and scholarship in priority areas of WIL Work with ACEN members to identify areas of research needed.
Leverage partnerships in WIL to extend to research.
Continue to fund scholarhsip and grant opportunities to encoueage participation research of priority areas of WIL.
Facilitate biennial ACEN WIL Research Symposium.
Encourage dissemination and publication of research outcomes in relevant journals, webinars, the conference, website, ACEN newsletters and other events/channels.
Review and endorse relevant project proposals for grant schemes consistent with ACEN guidelines and National WIL strategy priorities
Ensure ACEN remains a robust sustainable organisation Shepherd ACEN through COVID-affected years in which we cannot run the conference
Engage actively with students and chapter members to introduce the work and benefits of ACEN membership, facilitating the inclusion of a broader array of experiences and knowledge to the work of the National body.
Leverage chapter member expertise to support committees to deliver on strategic goals