Strategic Plan 2021





1. Lead the promotion and enhancement
of WIL throughout Australia.
Advocate for WIL Support the implementation of the National WIL strategy.
Engage with government and industry bodies.
Expand ACEN membership Develop a strategy for broadening membership to the TAFE sector.
Maintain and support state chapters Conduct regular meetings and opportunities for state chapters to connect.
Engage with international associations
2. Enhance staff capacity to implement WIL through professional development and networking opportunities. Lead and Promote quality and leadership in WIL Implement communication channels to broaden engagement with membership and the WIL community.
Research and consult re developing a quality WIL framework.
Convene the biennial National WIL Conference including bi-annual Research Symposium.
Promote membership via events and staff contacts in Universities.
Support through promotion and resourcing of state events.
Expand collaboration and enhance communication with national associations globally.
Active involvement and advocacy for ACEN through WACE Executive Committee membership.
3. Facilitate knowledge sharing and practice in WIL for the improvement of the student experience. Support the sharing of effective practice in WIL. Conduct regular state events, and webinars.
Develop a comprehensive professional learning program
Contribute to enhancing student access to WIL. Award scholarships to assist students with WIL placements.
Support student success in WIL. Success stories on website and in newsletters.
Advance and promote the use of technologies for WIL Increased use of innovative technologies.
Develop resources and tools
4. Develop stronger partnerships between host organisations and universities to enhance WIL opportunities and to encourage discussion regarding the ongoing changes to the industrial landscape and the world of work. Develop and communicate engagement models to facilitate improved industry/community and university connections. Develop generic guidelines to enhance engagement with host organisations.
Provide a platform for the exchange of information in relation to WIL practice.
Identify, showcase and promote effective partnerships.
Advocate for ongoing evaluation and impact. Review the National WIL Strategy and progress initiatives.
Provide professional development to enhance staff capacity to engage with industry/community.
5. Identify and advance research and scholarship in priority areas of WIL. Identify and advocate for research and scholarship in priority areas Identifying areas of priority for research to ensure currency in research outcomes.
  Endorse and support research and scholarship proposals and projects Manage ACEN Research grant scheme including mechanisms to consider and recommend proposals to the ACEN Board
Facilitate bi-annual ACEN WIL Research Symposium and LinkedIn group for both expert and early career researchers
Redesign ACEN website for easy access to WIL research outcomes.
Encourage and support early career researchers Encourage dissemination and publication of research outcomes in relevant journals
Support the dissemination of findings from WIL research and projects to the sector Support dissemination of key research outcomes in the ACEN website and newsletter
Review and endorse relevant project proposals for grant schemes consistent with ACEN guidelines and National WIL strategy priorities

6. Ensure ACEN remains a robust sustainable organisation.

Implement robust governance and financial systems. Maintain sub group mechanisms to consider and recommend grant proposals to the Board
Develop a financial model for monitoring the annual budget.
Provide professional learning on financial management for the ACEN Board.
Clear and transparent accountability through sound corporate practices and timely financial reporting.
Maintain strong membership to ensure financial sustainability.
Administer a survey to the ACEN membership biennially to monitor impact of ACEN initiatives.
Administer a self-review survey to the ACEN Board biennially to monitor Board performance.
Develop a succession plan.