Strategic Actions 2022

Below are the objectives and actions for 2022 as they relate to the ACEN Committee work. These objectives and actions align with the vision, mission and values.

CommitteeGoal/Objective for 2022Actions
Advocacy & Engagement1. Advance advocacy on behalf of member interests
2. Review and recommend communications and membership strategies from a strategic perspective
3. Develop strategies for sustainable use of social media
1. Implementing the revised communications strategy (intern 2021).
2. Encourage and acquire information, stories, announcements, etc. for newsletter.
3. Develop a proposal to create and curate social media posts in a systematic, purposeful and sustainable approach.
4. Utilise social media analytics to track our followers, evaluate what engages new followers and the impact that social media may be having on membership.
6. Report and recommend to ACEN board on Advocacy strategies and activities throughout the year.
Finance, Audit & Risk1. Responsibly steward ACEN’s financial resources.
2. Help ACEN identify and manage its risk profile.
3. Enable ACEN to deliver on its responsibilities to members now and into the future.
1. Maintain Board awareness of and planning around ACEN’s financial position.
2. Strategically manage ACEN’s assets to maintain ACEN’s going concern status.
3. Through the Risk Working Party, develop a Risk Appetite Statement and a Risk Register for ACEN.
4. Through the Sponsorship Working Party, garner financial or in-kind sponsorship to (i) support major initiatives and costs for ACEN and (ii) increase ACEN’s value to members.
Conference & Awards1. Deliver a high-quality conference experience
2. Improve recognition of ACEN in the tertiary education community and government/industry connections
3. Reward and recognise excellent WIL practice through awards.
1. Coordinate the administration of the ACEN Conference;
2. Coordinate the process and selection of recipients of ACEN Awards;
3. Promote the ACEN Conference and Awards to ACEN member institutions;
4. Report on the Conference and Awards outcomes and suggest relevant recommendations;
5. Evaluate and refine the process for administering the ACEN Conference and Awards.
Research1. Responsibly assess and award grants
2. Report and manage GOS data
3. Facilitate research conversations for development of WIL research
1. Grants applications approved and awarded (3 full and 2 emerging grants) promoting quality/inclusive WIL that advocate for partnerships;
2. Organise and advertise 2 or 3 no-fee online research conversations during 2022;
3. GOS webinars (x2) and summary report is an activity of the committee.
Professional Learning1. Grow Australia’s knowledge and skills on WIL through national professional development
2. Facilitate cross-institutional conversation to enable learning, networking and sharing of good practice and concerns
3. Provide opportunities for showcasing good WIL practice
1. Facilitate 3-6 webinars annually related to contemporary issues and research to advance knowledge on WIL
2. Facilitate 4-5 ACEN Critical Conversations annually to spark discussion, collaboration, networking and learning on focussed topics.
3. Coordinate ACEN Case study submission and review processes for website publication and award nomination, to advance recognition of good WIL practice.
4. Provide oversight of ACEN website strategy and use, including relevant resources, as an essential communication platform for ACEN.
Scholarships & Mentoring1. Facilitate knowledge sharing practice in WIL for the improvement of the student experience through mentoring program.
2. To promote greater equity and access for rural and remote students seeking to undertake a WIL placement through transparent scholarship selection
3. Create mentoring resources and make accessible through webpage.
4. Instigate a chat/discussion area within the ACEN National website.
1. Include in stage 2 terms and conditions Scholarship recipients will be requested to mentor a future student scholarship awardee.
2. Inclusion in bi-annual conference – student paper/poster presentation.
3. Committee members all involved with mentoring program.
3. Match mentors and mentees within discipline areas for more successful mentoring relationships.
5. Developing a suite of sessions for mentors and mentees to attend with a committee member to ensure ACEN’s presence.
6. Mentoring resources will be added to the ACEN national site.
7. Development of - How to use the Remote Area Locator Tool to ensure prospective applicants
8. Committee Chair will be involved with stage 2 and the selection of the final 8 successful applicants
9. Ongoing discussion with National Administration Officer and Board.