Work Integrated Learning: Workload and Recognition Review



By Merrelyn Bates (Griffith University)
12 February 2010

The purpose of this document is to report the findings of a survey directed to WIL staff (both academic and general) across the Griffith University sector. It follows an initial study – Workintegrated Learning: Academic Workload and Recognition – published in 2007 (Bates & The Engaging Students in the Workplace (ESiWP) Working Party, 2007), which had been initiated by Professor John Dewar in his role as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic). The goal of this investigation was to present a scholarly and detailed evidence-based analysis of the WIL workload issues identified by academic and general staff. This paper is not addressing issues of ‘good practice’ but is an analysis of the duties that are associated with WIL courses offered across the University. The final report and its recommendations have been provided to Professor Sue Spence (Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) for her consideration.