Work-Integrated Learning: Three Perspectives – Canada


The University of Waterloo and Work-Integrated Learning: Three Perspectives

The report presents findings from 3 surveys which sought to get the perspectives of all key stakeholders in WIL: students, staff in Universities and employers.

The report outlines motivations, barriers, challenges, and benefits from those three perspectives of involvement in WIL.

It presents a customized analysis of findings from three surveys, undertaken in spring 2011 and spring 2012, to gather perspectives from graduating college and university students, postsecondary faculty, and Ontario employers on work-integrated learning (WIL) within a postsecondary program of study.

The surveys were designed to gain a better understanding of student, faculty, and employer experiences with WIL, including motivations and barriers to participation, and perceptions of challenges and benefits. The results presented in this report provide insights into the attitudes and opinions of students and faculty from the University of Waterloo and the Ontario employers most likely to hire University of Waterloo graduates.

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