Physiotherapy Placement in Townsville

Student Reflection


Bachelor of Physiotherapy

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My final year of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland involves six blocks of clinical and research placement. This has been a significant transition from university-based learning, requiring continual personal and professional growth. I was fortunate enough to be assigned a block in a Hospital in Townsville for my regional placement. 

During my 5-week placement in the Cardiac ward, I was even further challenged. I was able to partly take on a more complex caseload than I had previously been exposed to, and was encouraged to work towards the high standards of care within the department. It was incredibly motivating to see these standards in practice, allowing the best possible outcomes for every patient – particularly in the context of reducing regional and remote healthcare disparities.

This placement has prompted development in skills of problem solving and prioritising in complex patients. I have not only become more confident in physiotherapy cardiorespiratory skills and settings, but have been pushed to consider patients more holistically, and as part of an entire individualised healthcare journey. I have been able to develop skills not only consistent with marking criteria, but ones which genuinely improve patient outcomes. The clinical support given to me during this placement has been invaluable.

Working with more patients from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds has encouraged me to not only practice skills of clinical yarning, but also prompted professional development through courses. I feel more confident after this placement in delivering culturally safe practice.

The support of the ACEN WIL scholarship has alleviated financial pressure associated with this placement and allowed me to entirely appreciate the setting and what it had to offer. I am very grateful to have had this experience and feel it has uniquely driven me towards my career aspirations.