Nursing Placement in Central Australia

Student Reflection


Bachelor of Nursing

Placement Location:

Northern Territory

Year of Placement:


During my Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement, I experienced amazing opportunities for personal growth and skill development. There were many things that I got to experience when I went on my rural placement in central Australia that I wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else. It was such an amazing experience to get to learn about different illnesses and diseases that are more prevalent in that part of Australia compared to anywhere else. Being able to develop my nursing skills while in a rural setting has been great because there is so much support for students. There are also a lot of education opportunities to expand on your knowledge which is not as common within a metropolitan area which I found to be a good resource to help expand on this knowledge.

The ACEN Scholarship helped me on this placement tremendously. It gave me the ability to be able to go to central Australia for this placement. It also meant that I could take this opportunity without having a financial barrier that could hinder this experience. I am so thankful that I had this opportunity as it gave me an opportunity to develop my critical thinking skills and also looking at some biases I may have had towards certain cultural groups and how that might have affected my care that I was providing. I learnt so much about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and how to provide the best care for them. I also learnt about how they can be more inclined to develop certain illnesses and diseases based on things such as poor access to health care, and distrust of the health network. Also, things such as their living conditions and how they have a more holistic view of their health care so they might choose family commitments over health treatment because that is more important to them.

Overall my rural nursing placement was an incredible experience, with a wide variety of things that you see and learn within the community that is in central Australia. There is a wide variety of support that is available for students and all the staff in the area are incredibly helpful, kind and want to see you succeed and learn as much as possible.