Guides for Online WIL Placements and Projects

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Three guides for online WIL are available: one to assist WIL practitioners and one to assist industry and community partners to design, develop and deliver online WIL; and one to help students prepare for and navigate online WIL.

1. Practitioner Guide for Online WIL

This guide is intended for WIL practitioners, both academic and professional staff, involved in designing and developing online WIL placements and projects. The guide supports an active tripartite relationship between students; industry and community partners; and universities and other tertiary institutions. The guide is primarily aimed at the practitioner new to online WIL, and perhaps new to WIL, and thus includes essential aspects of quality WIL. It may also serve as a checklist for experienced practitioners.

2. Industry/Community Guide for Online WIL

This guide is intended for industry and community partners, not-for-profit organisations and government bodies who are considering offering placements or projects to students in an online (virtual, digital, remote, tele-) work environment. These online WIL placements and projects may be offered solely as an online offering or may be offered in conjunction with an onsite physical workplace.

3. Student Guide for Online WIL

This guide is intended for student use to prepare for and participate in online WIL and may complement other information provided to students.