Future-ready graduates through experiential entrepreneurship – webinar


Webinar recorded on  Monday 30 July 2018

Experiential Entrepreneurship Work Integrated Learning Model

Experiential Entrepreneurship Work Integrated Learning Model

The Experiential Entrepreneurship WIL model aims to demonstrate how adaptable and resilient graduates can be developed who are ready to respond innovatively to the new world of work.

This webinar gives an overview of the model, which was developed and trialled at the University of the Sunshine Coast and share findings and resources on how this model can be rolled out at other universities. Participants will be able to discuss their ideas and initiatives, as well as challenges and how to overcome this in their own contexts.

The webinar is supported by the funded ACEN research project: “Experiential Entrepreneurship Work Integrated Learning Models” in the WIL models that promote entrepreneurial practice theme.


Dr Retha de Villiers Scheepers is the project lead and an entrepreneurship academic from the School of Business, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Her research and publications are in the area of entrepreneurial decision-making, developing nascent entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship education.

Dr Renee Barnes is a journalism academic, who has worked in practice for more than 15 years. Her passion is online journalism and her research and teaching focus on emerging developments in this field. She is a member of the Arts Research in Creative Humanities research cluster at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

More can be read about the model they’ve developed in their recent peer reviewed article:

De Villiers Scheepers, M.J., Barnes, R., Clements, M. and Stubbs, A.J., 2018. Preparing future-ready graduates through experiential entrepreneurship. Education+ Training60(4), pp.303-317.