Assessing the impact of WIL on student work-readiness

Research Grants

The Impact of WIL on Student Work-readiness OLT funded project concluded in 2014 with findings that validated the impact of WIL on the preparedness of graduates for the workforce. With the emerging importance of simulation as an alternative or supplement to placement, the impacts of both placements and simulations were examined. An extension grant: Developing strategies to maximise industry contribution and engagement with the WIL experience was awarded in 2015. This project further investigated WIL curriculum frameworks and ways to enhance the capacity of industry to support students undertaking WIL. The projects define WIL and validate characteristics of a quality WIL curriculum which ensures opportunities for students to experience highly authentic experiences of work-place practice, systematically built into curricula. These projects inform strategic curriculum reform investment in universities and related funding decisions across the higher education sector.