The ACEN NSW/ACT Chapter and ACEN National Research and Scholarship sub-committee invites you to join us in WIL Research Conversations! This is a friendly, informal gathering of like-minded practitioners and scholars interested in furthering our knowledge of WIL scholarship, research and practice. The group aims to meet face-to-face through Zoom (similar to Skype), to discuss thoughts, insights and practical applications related to a nominated WIL journal article or topic.


May 2019Quality in WIL

In this session, Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto will be joining us to spark conversation around quality in WIL programs. This discussion will be driven by the recently released Australian Council of Deans of Science report titled “Quality and Standards for Work integrated Learning” (Winchester-Seeto, 2019).

Friday, 31 May

12pm – 1pm (AEST)

June 2019Research Methods 1: Methodologies

Dr Jenny Fleming is our guest speaker this session, discussing methodologies in WIL from her recent paper in IJWIL titled “Methodologies, methods and ethical considerations for conducting research in work-integrated Learning’ (Fleming & Zegwaard, 2018).

Friday, 28 June

12pm – 1pm (AEST)

July 2019 Research Methods 2: Qualitative Analysis Workshop

In this workshop, Dr Anna Rowe and Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto will take us through some practical advice and tips for analysing qualitative data through NViVo.

Friday, 26 July

12pm – 1pm (AEST)


Anyone can participate! Any ACEN member in Australasia can join us.


Please note that places are limited. Participants will be sent an email prior to the session to confirm their attendance. This email will contain a copy of the article to be reviewed and details of how to join the session.


For any questions, please contact Dr Bonnie Dean, University of Wollongong

We look forward to meeting you, sharing ideas and learning from one another!