The following data was collected as part of a national survey of ACEN members during the week of 6 – 9 April, 2020. The survey sought responses about the impact of COVID on professional placements and what alternative arrangements had been put in place.

Key results from the survey are:

  • The majority of non-accredited placements continues in other forms and only 25% of them were cancelled
  • The majority of accredited placements (e.g. clinical health placement) have been postponed and opportunities for conversion to online projects was limited
  • Reasons for cancellations were due to the hosts’ inability to cater for students in this stressful, uncertain time
  • Impact of placement cancellations on students included: wellbeing (disappointment, fear, uncertainty), remote access issues, poor institutional communications
  • University responses to COVID situation included designing alternative placement models
  • The university-industry partnership was seen as very important
Photo by De an Sun on Unsplash