People’s Choice Award (Case Study) Application

People’s Choice Award (Case Study) Award Application

ACEN Case Study Application 2024

The new video case study approach will see you develop a short video (3-4 minutes long) that shares your quality and/or innovative practice and needs to demonstrate how it supports at least one of ACEN’s strategic objectives. Your application will be evaluated by a panel and judged against key criteria as outlined in the supporting resources.  Should your case study be ranked in the top five, you will be shortlisted for the ACEN Conference People’s Choice Award, this will see your case study presented at the ACEN Conference 2024 and conference delegates vote for the winning case.

Applications Close: 31 July 2024

Top 5 cases to be showcased at ACEN Conference for ACEN People’s Choice Award (APCA) notified: 15 August 2024