The International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning has published new articles:

  • Karsten E. Zegwaard, Anna D. Rowe: Research-informed curriculum and advancing innovative practices in work-integrated learning
  • Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Anna D. Rowe: Who is holding the mirror? Debriefing and reflection in work-integrated learning
  • Christopher E. Jones, Thomas J. Millar, Jo-Anne Chuck: Development of a rubric for identifying and characterizing work-integrated learning activities in science undergraduate courses
  • Andrew J. Martin, Malcolm Rees: Student insights: Developing T-shaped professionals through work-integrated learning
  • Bonnie Amelia Dean: Observational research in work-integrated learning
  • Faith Valencia-Forrester: Internships and the PhD: Is this the future direction of work-integrated learning in Australia?
  • Judie Kay, Sonia Ferns, Leoni Russell, Judith Smith, Theresa Winchester-Seeto: The emerging future: Innovative models of work-integrated learning

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International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning