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The International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning is pleased to announce the publishing of a Special Issue arising from the 3rd international WACE research symposium, held in Stuttgart, Germany, in June 2018:

  • Sonia Ferns, Vaille Dawson, Christine Howitt: A collaborative framework for enhancing graduate employability
  • Adam S. Usher: Modeling resilient and adaptable work-integrated learning practice: The importance of learning dispositions in initial teacher education
  • Buratin Khampirat, Carver Pop, Suniti Bandaranaike: The effectiveness of work-integrated learning in developing student work skills: A case study of Thailand
  • Petrina Batholmeus, Carver Pop: Enablers of work-integrated learning in technical vocational education and training teacher education
  • Axel Gerloff, Karin Reinhard: University offering work-integrated learning dual study programs
  • Patricia Parrott: Rich pictures in qualitative research in higher education: The student as consumer and producer in personal branding
  • Andrew J. Martin, Malcolm Rees: Student insights: The added value of work-integrated learning
  • Karsten E. Zegwaard, Kristina Johansson, Judie Kay, Norah McRae, Sonia Ferns, Katharine Hoskyn: Professional development needs of the international work-integrated learning community