apjceThe Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education has published additional papers for the third issue of this year.

These can now be viewed at http://www.apjce.org.

  • Book Review: Educating the Deliberate Professional: Preparing for Future Practices (2016)
  • Exploring the link between self-efficacy, workplace learning and clinical practice
    Self-efficacy, workplace learning, nursing education, competency, infection control
  • Comparative cooperative education: Evaluating Thai models on work-integrated learning, using the German Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg model as a benchmark
  • A comparative study of cooperative education and work-integrated learning in Germany, South Africa, and Namibia
  • Examining the influence of selected factors on perceived co-op work-term quality from a student perspective
  • Cost and the craving for novelty: Exploring motivations and barriers for cooperative education and exchange students to go abroad
  • Eligibility requirements for work-integrated learning programs: Exploring the implications of using grade point averages for student participation