The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has released the research summary: Work-based learning and work-integrated learning: fostering engagement with employers. This short discussion paper examines work-based learning in VET and work-integrated learning in higher education. It looks at the similarities and differences between the two approaches, and discusses how education providers, practitioners and lecturers can better engage with employers. Drawing on the literature, the paper highlights the keys to successful engagement with employers including:

  • clear information and ongoing communication between all parties;
  • flexibility with approaches and activities;
  • the involvement of intermediary organisations to assist in matching learners with employers, and organising and facilitating activities;
  • committed and skilled teachers and practitioners who support and engage learners and build partnerships with employers; and
  • the commitment of business and education leaders to drive work-based learning and work-integrated learning in their communities and companies.

By looking at both sectors, the paper aims to provide a summary of how education providers engage with employers, and identify what the key factors are for successful work-based learning and work-integrated learning partnerships.