Membership benefits

About us

The Australian Collaborative Education Network Limited (ACEN) is the national peak body providing strategic leadership for work-integrated learning (WIL) in Australia for its members and other stakeholders.

Our goal is to lead the advancement of WIL in Australia through collaboration with the higher and vocational education sectors, students, industry, community and government.

Specifically, ACEN exists to:

  • Enhance the student learning experience;
  • Recognise and promote excellence in WIL including practice, curriculum, scholarship, research, innovation and evaluation;
  • Facilitate exchange of information and sharing of knowledge relevant to WIL;
  • Promote co-operative partnerships between industry and educational institutions, students and governments both nationally and internationally.

Membership Benefits

BenefitsFull MemberLimited MemberIndividualAffiliate & Corporate
ACEN newsletter✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
WIL resources✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Chapter eventsFreeFreeFreeCharge
ACEN national conferenceDiscountDiscountDiscount
WACE eventsDiscountDiscountDiscount
ACEN LinkedIn group✔︎✔︎✔︎
Submit case studies✔︎✔︎✔︎
Promotion of WIL events and vacancies✔︎✔︎
Nominate organisations for ACEN awards✔︎
Apply for research grants✔︎
Student scholarship opportunities✔︎

Five benefits of ACEN membership

1. Unparalleled networking opportunities

  • Regular state chapter events
  • Biennial National Conference on WIL
  • Workshops, webinars and online research conversations
  • Access to private LinkedIn group with 1000+ members
  • Academic contacts in 40+ Australian universities

2. Promotion

  • Endorsement of your upcoming WIL related events in the ACEN Newsletter
  • Publication of WIL related position vacancies
  • Promotion of WIL related award winners

3. Research and Scholarship

  • Biennial Research Symposium
  • Notification of WIL related research publication updates
  • ACEN Research grant scheme (including grants for Early Career Researchers)
  • Student scholarships
  • Associated with the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning

4. Innovation and Education

  • WIL resource database, including case studies showcasing good practice and innovation
  • Workshops and webinars on innovation, new trends in WIL and best practice
  • Comprehensive professional learning program
  • Global WIL modules

5. Scope and outreach

  • Global WIL connections and benefits with partner institutions (WACE and NZACE)
  • Discounted access to WACE events
  • 40+ member institutions and counting

Get the most from your membership

  1. Read the ACEN newsletter – keep you up to date on upcoming events, opportunities, new research findings, and much more!
  2. Attend your Chapter events and our Conference – networking aside, these engaging events will keep you up to speed on WIL across Australia.
  3. Connect with us on social media – keep track of WIL developments and events in real time. We are on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  4. Join our webinars series – these online professional development workshops showcase the latest research and key themes in WIL.
  5. Engage in our Research Conversations – these friendly, informal online gatherings  allow like-minded practitioners and scholars to further their knowledge of WIL.