A group of enterprising students from Curtin University are currently participating in an inter-disciplinary project for Lab Tests Online. The Work Integrated Learning project facilitates Lab Tests Online Australasia’s mission of health-literacy while providing a collaborative interdisciplinary, industry-focused learning experience for Curtin students.

The benefits of the project are not only for health consumers and professionals, and industry, but also the students and coordinators from Curtin University. The project was made possible through funding provided by the Australian Technology Network (ATN). Our motivated and engaged industry partners and amazing students have ensured successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Students are:

pathoology project students

The students from Curtin are responsible for leading the project and developing the following deliverables:

  1. Developing a social media marketing plan for LTOAU to further spread health-literacy to consumers;
  2. Assessing LTOAU’s website and recommending changes that further enhance the consumer experience;
  3. Analysing the terminology used by LTOAU and assessing the level of comprehension consumers have of the content;
  4. Analysing qualitative and quantitative data to further understand consumers’ behaviours and attitudes;
  5. Conduct and analyse primary research of LTOAU consumers and recommend improvements for LTOAU; and
  6. Promote this project itself.

Diagram explaining pathology

By leading this project, Curtin students are proud to be entering the health-literacy landscape and becoming a part of the “puzzle” that is helping health consumers and professionals better understand and explain pathology results. Lab Tests Online Australasia’s purpose is to provide accurate and easily understood pathology information for health consumers and professionals without compromising the quality of the scientific content. Everyone involved in the project is excited by the opportunity to achieve this goal, while advancing their expertise and industry experience during the process.

Our industry partners have provided support and guidance for students throughout the project and enhanced the development of employability skills through inter-disciplinary WIL. Industry partners are:

Industry partners

Pathology project partners

Pathology partners logos