A recent project completed at Curtin University has created guidelines to support millennial students whilst on fieldwork.

Millennials (those born between 1981-2000) are often ascribed stereotypical characteristics, for example, they are seen as digital natives, multitaskers, team orientated and overly confident. Teaching staff often report struggling with millennials and their predisposition for being constantly on their smart phones. The guidelines, developed through a review of the relevant literature and focus groups with students and teaching staff, target fostering a shared responsibility for fieldwork learning and developing a better understanding between staff and millennial students.

Both the project and the guidelines adopted a partnership approach with several students acting as co-creators. As part of the guidelines, there are templates to create checklists, learning contracts, and define fieldwork learning and feedback expectations. Although the guide explores allied health students and the staff who educate them during fieldwork (clinical educators) the information has broad application to those working with millennial learners.

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