Helping chapters promote events

Don MacDowall, July 2018

When a chapter decides to run an event I can

  • Add it to the website as a ‘post’ (page of information, pics and links)
  • Add it to the website as an ‘extract’ (the small pic and text on the home page)
  • Prepare an email (may be targeted at the chapter members, or the whole ACEN database)
  • Add it to the next newsletter.

These notes offers some guidelines to do this most efficiently and

  • minimise the email exchanges with chapters and
  • to reduce the questions people ask me when the answer is not clear (because we forgot to ask it in the first place!).

What information is needed?

‘I keep six honest serving-men,
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.’ – Kipling

(May be all of this, or may be some, depending on the event and many other circumstances)

  1. Title of event
  2. Nature of event (‘workshop’, ‘webinar’, etc. – might be part of the title)
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Venue/Location – including room, building, campus, if appropriate
  6. Map link if available
  7. Description of event (e.g. the abstracts, outline of session)
  8. Title, name and may be bio of speaker(s) and their organisation
  9. Pic of speaker(s) (may be taken from their university website or LinkedIn account)
  10. Catering (are dietary requirements needed if a meal is being provided?)
  11. Is RSVP/registration necessary? You or I can create a Google form or use your preferred local method – what do you need to know other than name and email?
  12. What is the RSVP/registration cut-off date?
  13. Cost – most events are free to ACEN members. This needs to be stated. Most events should have a cost for non-ACEN members to strengthen the value of membership. I can set up a simple PayPal link either for you to use or to direct people to an ACEN page.
  14. Will it be recorded? – A frequent question to me – with more and more events using Zoom or webinars, there’s a hope/expectation that it will be. It should be simply stated ‘Yes recorded’, ‘No, not available.’ The link to the recording can be published in the newsletter. Some chapters are adding it to Google Drive.

What’s the best format in which to send the information?

  1. Text and pics – I know chapters like to create PDFs and they provide me with a guide to building my pieces. But for the tasks described above I need Word text plus pics. If you send me a PDF my first task is to take it apart break it into text and pics. So by all means send me the PDF so I can see what you’d like to have the promo look like but include the text and pics too.
  2. Pics – I can crop and squeeze so don’t make them too small. If you have commercial pics or pixabay, that’s fine, just ensure you have permission to use them and send then to me in large format and file size.
  3. Links in PDF or text. Send me the full link after you’ve tested it and are sure it works

What order?

In the order listed would be good!

None of this is horrendously critical – just very helpful. Thanks.

Here’s a simple checklist to hopefully help.

  Information (not all may apply)
Title of event
Nature of event
Venue/Location – including room, building, campus
Map link if available
Description of event
Title, name and may be bio of speaker(s) and their organisation
Pic of speaker(s)
RSVP/registration cut-off date?
Cost – most events are free to ACEN members.
Cost fee for non-members
Will it be recorded?
Is PDF provided?
Is text provided as Word
Are pics provided?
Are full links provided?