Executive responsibilities

Information for prospective Board Members

See also Code of Conduct for Directors

ACEN Board

The Board is comprised of up to eleven Directors. Up to five are elected by the membership and one is elected from each of the five chapters. In addition, the Board may appoint one additional Director.


  • President (elected by the Board)
  • Chair of Finance and Audit (elected by the Board)
  • Company secretary (appointed by the Board)

Plus sub-committees (as determined by the Board from time to time)

  • Finance, Audit and Risk
  • Conference and Awards
  • Research
  • Professional Learning
  • Engagement and Advocacy
  • Student Scholarships

Commitment of Board Members

  • Must be prepared to devote time to the role in an honorary capacity
  • Should be familiar with the workings of committees
  • Should have leadership experience
  • Must be a member of ACEN
  • Must have the support of the employing institution to undertake the roles and responsibilities of the position
  • Be prepared to take an active part in Board sub-committees.
  • Must attend Board meetings