9:30am – 12:30pm, Thursday 2 March

Rm2, Level 1 Flinders University Victoria Square

How can students’ capacity to act and learn purposefully in university-led workplace learning programs be enhanced through the use of mobile technology? Whether we embrace it or resist it, mobile technology is relentlessly changing the way we work, learn, play and relate to each other. Technology has blurred the boundaries of private, professional and educational spheres. It has changed the role of and relationship between teachers and learners and calls into question the need for co–presence and a physical campus. Connecting learning and working environments through mobile technology remains a challenging undertaking often highlighted by socio-cultural rather than technical barriers. These barriers are present at personal, discipline-specific and organisational levels. The integration of workplace learning and technology-mediated learning can provide important opportunities to bridge education and work contexts, to connect with and grow online learning networks, and to build students’ digital capacities, online professional identities and technology-mediated work practices. In this workshop we will scrutinise the impact, implications and consequences of mobile technology on WPL.

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