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‘Employability Week: A tool to increase students’ engagement, career awareness and employability through industry experience’

There is evidence of students under preparedness for recruitment processes and it is recognised that there is a lack of training about job markets employment opportunities at University.

‘Employability week’ (EW) is an extra-curricular intervention that provides a clear framework for students’ career. A day is dedicated to students’ profile building, industry visits with workshops on recruitment processes are organized in the three next days and the last day focusses on networking, speed dating interviews and recruitment workshops where students need to actively work with employers to conduct the activities.

EW is therefore not just a suite of “lectures” where students are told about careers but a constructivist counterpart of a career fair. It allows students to clarify their career aspirations and actively shape their professional identities through active reflection with industry representatives on required attributes and recruitment processes.

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Laurence Orlando is a Senior Lecturer (Education Focused) in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University.

Laurence Orlando, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Monash University.

Laurence Orlando is a Senior Lecturer (Education Focused) in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University.

She has developed an innovative, industry-led approach to teaching based on “experiential learning” principles that contributes to the development of essential students’ attributes, specifically critical thinking and collaborative learning.

She is the chair of the Faculty “Employability Committee” and she developed the “Employability Week/Intensive” program involving all her industry partners that has proven to be extremely efficient for students and industry alike.

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The web-conferencing platform used is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra which allows for a range of interactions (e.g. use of microphone, whiteboard, chat and more).

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