Case Studies

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We want to showcase experiences and ideas that will inspire, inform and assist WIL practitioners globally.

An Industry-linked Honours program in Science

Using waste to fight against Dengue Fever, Kiribati (central Pacific) - an industry linked project The Bachelor of Science Advanced-Global Challenges Honours year is a unique research program that immerses talented science students in an experiential and...

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Three-way virtual, global WIL project

A Virtual Global WIL Project (VGWP) is an innovative pedagogical model for developing global competency and business skills that reflects real-world business practice. The VGWP brings students from multiple countries and time zones together to solve a real-life...

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Preparation for international sports-based WIL

Industry Placement Field Project is a core unit of the Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity. New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants provided the opportunity for students to complete an international placement in the area of sport development in India (2016; 2017)...

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Youth Mentoring

Third year psychology students complete one full day of mentoring training (a TAFE Accredited certification) followed by two hours of mentoring a week for two 10-week school terms (46 hours of placement in total).

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Simulated WIL projects for final year engineering students

RMIT have developed an authentic, simulated, non-placement WIL project for final year engineering students unable to do an engineering work placement. This bespoke WIL module was developed in collaboration with an engineering consultancy drawing on a real-world engineering project.

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Enhancing Workplace Learning Through Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Capacity Building Framework for Workplace Learning Brief description of WIL activity The Mobile Technology Capacity Building Framework for Workplace Learning aims to enhance students’ WPL experiences and, ultimately, increase their agency (their...

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WIL in an International Context

Curtin University have facilitated a 4-week WIL placement for a 2nd year Health Science student with a not-for-profit agency in rural Cambodia. The placement was completed as part of an existing credit-bearing WIL unit via a new international partnership.

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