Finance, Audit and Risk

Chair: Susan Rowland

Committee: Craig Cameron and Matthew Campbell

Conference and Awards

Chair: Leoni Russell

Working Parties

Conference working party: Leoni Russell, Matthew Campbell, Susan Rowland, Wayne Read, Erin Stacey, Menuri Subasinghe, Jena Buchan, Nicole Scarvelis, Danielle Battersby, Laura Johns

Awards working party: Leoni Russell, Susan Rowland, Erin Stacey, Lea Campbell, Kylie Twyford


The Conference and Awards committee is responsible for administering the bi-annual ACEN and awards processes through the working parties.

  • Provide advice to the ACEN Board on all matters relating to the ACEN Conference and Awards;
  • Coordinate the administration of the ACEN Conference;
  • Coordinate the process and selection of recipients of ACEN Awards;
  • Promote the ACEN Conference and Awards to ACEN member institutions;
  • Report on the Conference and Awards outcomes and suggest relevant recommendations;
  • Evaluate and refine the process for administering the ACEN Conference and Awards.


  • Develop proposals and recommend strategies to the ACEN Board for ratification;
  • Act in the interests of the ACEN membership generally;
  • Provide a mechanism to build capacity and ensure sustainability amongst ACEN members;
  • Maintain contact with Finance, Audit and Risk Committee around funds for Conference, Awards and Administrative support;
  • Seek representatives from each chapter committee to contribute to the working parties.


Members of the ACEN Board and not less than three members drawn from the Board and/or State Chapter Committees.


Working parties will determine meeting requirements.


Chair: Jennifer Rowley

Committe: Franziska Trede, Denise Jackson

Professional Learning

Chair: Sharon Scott

Committee: Rachael Baron, Bonnie Dean

Engagement and Advocacy

Co Chairs: Michelle Eady and Rachael Baron

Committee Members: Karen Robinson

Student Scholarships

Chair: Karen Robinson

Committee Members: Jennifer Rowley