The OLT-funded project Augmenting Students’ Post-practicum Experience is seeking to engage with 30 individuals teaching in university programs with practicum components. That engagement will comprise participating a two-day meeting to evaluate a range of post-practicum interventions (e.g. structured feedback, debriefs) and then funded $3000 to trial and evaluate one or more of those interventions in their teaching across 2017.

In the first phases of this grant, 14 projects from within the healthcare sector have identified and are trialling a range of post practicum interventions across 2016 directed towards specific educational goals. They will present the processes they used and their findings at a Developmental Conference on February 15th and 16th, 2017 on the Gold Coast campus of Griffith University.

We are seeking to engage the 30 participants from at least 10 Australian universities to participate in this free two-day event to engage with those projects and to ascertain how they might be useful for promoting student learning processes and outcomes for employability in their areas of teaching. Then, they will trial, implement and evaluate those interventions in their teaching practice across 2017 and prepare a brief report on the processes and outcomes and share these with others.

Interested in being one of the 30?

Project summary

Principal Researcher: Stephen Billett, Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University

E-mail: Phone: (07) 370 55855


Project manager: Melissa Cain, Education and Professional Studies, Griffith University