The Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education (APJCE) commenced in 2000 as a regional journal with a focus on a broad definition of cooperative education.  Since commencing, the journal readership and authorship has grown well beyond the Asia-Pacific region.  In addition, international usage of terminologies has shifted to favour Work-Integrated Learning (WIL).

To reflect these shifts, APJCE will be renamed to:

International Journal of Work-Integrated-Learning (IJWIL)

The change will take effect at the beginning of 2018.  This is a change of name, and not a new journal, thus the first volume number under the new name will be Volume 19.  All articles previously published under APJCE will be shown along with all articles published under the new name.

This is an exciting stage in the history of this journal.  APJCE has grown to be the main international journal for co-op/WIL and the new name reflects this status.  The new name also indicates a slight broadening of the journal scope.

The old URL will remain active for some years, with a new URL to be announced soon.

If you want to be kept updated on APJCE/IJWIL activities, please go to and click on the ‘get notifications’ button.

APJCE would like to thank the authors, readers, and the editorial board for the support and commitment to the journal.  We will look forward to continuing our work within the Co-op/WIL community.