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Digitising WIL: AI & Micro credentials in WIL

24 July 2024



24 July 2024






Digitising WIL: AI & Micro credentials in WIL

Explore the transformative potential of generative AI and micro-credentials in work-integrated learning (WIL). Generative AI refers to AI systems capable of creating content, such as text, images, role play, or music, through machine learning algorithms. This technology is transforming various industries by automating creative processes and enhancing productivity. In the context of work integrated learning (WIL), generative AI can play a significant role in providing students and professionals with hands-on, real-world experiences that complement traditional academic learning. The event aims to highlight how generative AI tools can be utilized to simulate real-life work scenarios, create interactive learning environments, and facilitate personalized learning experiences. Additionally, as the demand for specific skill sets grows, micro-credentials offer a targeted approach to education and training. Micro-credentials are online courses that focus on building specific competence to perform a specific role. In rapidly shifting industries, micro-credentials are seen not only as one of the most effective ways to upskill and reskill to advance in careers, but also as an alternative to repurpose traditional education and training to address the pressing skill demands of the disruptive and emerging economy. This topic will cover how WIL programs embedded with job-specific micro-credentials may deliver better value to host companies and participating students.


Associate Professor Denise Jackson (ECU)

Dr Meena Jha

Head Technology and Pedagogy Cluster, CML-NET College of ICT, School of Engineering and Technology President and Co founder WinTECH Society, CQUniversity

Dr. Meena Jha, with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Master and Ph.D. in Computer Science, is a researcher and educator in the School of Engineering and Technology (SET) at Central Queensland University (CQUniversity), Australia. She is the head of Technology and Pedagogy Cluster at CQU. Her research interests focus on Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Expert Systems, Business Intelligence, Real-Time Analytics, Legacy System Modernization, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Academic Integrity in education. Dr. Jha has developed courses on Information Systems Analysis and Business Intelligence using Big Data and Data Science. She is also actively engaged in the field of learning analytics, which leverages sophisticated analytic tools to enhance learning and education. This emerging field intersects with business intelligence, web analytics, academic analytics, educational data mining, and action analytics.

Dr. Jha is passionate about supporting women in STEM and is dedicated to enhancing their participation and influence in the field. She co-founded WinTECH (Women in Technology), a group committed to promoting and supporting girls and women in STEM. WinTECH runs a school program and a series of networking events across the NSW Region, designed to increase the number of girls and women in STEM and ensure their retention in the STEM pipeline. Additionally, she organizes STEM mentoring programs within CQU and for the broader community, fostering a supportive environment for women in STEM.

Leoni Russell

Professor Jo-Anne Ferreira

Dean (Learning Teaching Futures) , The University of Southern Queensland

Jo-Anne Ferreira is Dean (Learning and Teaching Futures) at the University of Southern Queensland.
She provides strategic leadership to ensure innovative, impactful learning and teaching practices are embedded in all courses and programs across the University. She is currently leading three key initiatives on Reimagining Assessment; Virtual and Physical Learning Environments; and Integrating and Embedding Support for Learning. She also chairs the University’s Artificial Intelligence Rapid Response Group.
Prior to this she was the Head of School and Dean (Education) (UniSQ); Professor of Sustainability Education (La Trobe University); and Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning and Academic Director, SCU Online (Southern Cross University).
Jo-Anne’s research field is in the sociology of education, with a special interest in identity, embodiment and power in environmental and sustainability education. She has undertaken research on systems-based change in teacher education and strategies and techniques deployed by environmental and sustainability educators to empower learners to become environmental citizens. She is also exploring how online learning pedagogies can be utilised to support and enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

A list of her publications is available in USQ’s e-prints repository:

Dr Ali Dulfikar

Course Coordinator in Es Phys and Exercise and Sport Science, University of Queensland

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