2022 ACEN Equity Scholarships

ACEN have partnered with Pagoda Projects to offer 7 Global Online Internships which enable eligible students from equity groups to access a diverse range of work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences.

What are the ACEN Equity Scholarships?

What are the ACEN Equity Scholarships?

ACEN have partnered with Pagoda Projects to offer 7 Global Online Internships which enable eligible students from equity groups to access a diverse range of work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences. The Scholarship program is part of ACEN’s mission to promote quality and inclusive WIL for all in collaboration with industry partners.

The ACEN Equity Scholarship is valued at $2,400.00 AUD per student (a total of $16,800) and consists of:

  • A full or part-time Global Online Internship in one of Pagoda’s world-wide host locations
  • Dedicated English-speaking internship supervisor
  • Individually matched Cultural Mentor from the host location
  • Regular online events with guest speakers and subject matter experts
  • Four (4) courses for work-readiness and intercultural fluency
  • Full support from the Pagoda team; training and coaching where required
  • Access to Pagoda’s online portal
  • Access to the Pagoda Alumni Network

Which academic disciplines have internships?

You can access an internship in: Business; Sales & Marketing; IT and Technology; Engineering; Finance; Accounting; Trade; Logistics; Design; Architecture; Media; Health; and Sport. If your academic discipline is not on the list, please use the Pagoda contact at the bottom of this page to check current availability.

If I receive the scholarship, when do I start and finish the program, and what is the process for placing me with an organisation?

Students must be available to begin the internship placement on a full or part-time basis from 20th February 2023. The internship runs for 8-16 weeks.

If you are awarded a scholarship, one of the Pagoda team will be in touch to discuss available internship opportunities with you. They can suggest options based on your interests, goals, and requirements. Alternatively, you are free to browse the examples on the scholarship page at any time.

Once you have been accepted for your preferred position, Pagoda will introduce you to your company supervisor, provide all onboarding instructions, and make sure you’re ready for your program.

Do I receive credit for the Internship?

Your university determines your eligibility to receive credit towards your degree for participating in the internship. It is your responsibility to contact your university and enquire about your eligibility to receive credit. To assist with your enquiries, you can provide the university with details about the virtual internship with Pagoda Projects. Information is available here.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to apply for an ACEN Equity Scholarship, you must:

1. Be enrolled in a tertiary degree with a current ACEN member institution at the time of starting the Pagoda Projects virtual internship program. Students must produce a copy of their academic transcript to Pagoda Projects on request;

2. Be available to begin the virtual internship from 20th  February 2023.

3. Be a member of at least ONE of the following equity groups:

    • Students who have a long-term medical condition or disability which impacts their study.
    • Students who can demonstrate financial disadvantage, through receipt of Youth Allowance or other means-tested Commonwealth support.
    • Students who have relocated or will be relocating from interstate or a regional area to study at university.
    • Students who are current or former refugees.
    • Students who identify as LGBTQI+.
    • Aboriginal and Torres strait islander students and who are identified as such by their community.
    • Students who are the first in their immediate family (partner, parent, grandparent, children, siblings) to attend university.
    • Students who are from a non-English speaking background (who speak a language other than English at home)

4. Be able to prepare a 3-5 minute pre-recorded interview according to the instructions available here.

5. Be available to attend an online interview if required.

How are students selected for the scholarship?

Students will be short-listed for an interview based on the quality of their responses to the following prompts in their pre-recorded video:

  1. Tell us about any previous work experience you have and the skills you have that make you a good candidate for this programme.
  2. How do you think this experience will benefit your future career?
  3. What type of internship role are you looking for, what responsibilities are you expecting to have in place and what skills are you looking to practice during the remote internship?
  4. If successful, what potential challenges do you think you could face during your remote internship?
  5. Why do you think you should be awarded the scholarship?

A copy of the criteria used to evaluate student responses is available here .

Shortlisted candidates may be required to join a live interview to discuss suitability and clarify certain elements of their application. These will be conducted online and at a mutually agreed time.

The decision to short list students for an interview and the awarding of the ACEN Equity Scholarship is made collaboratively between ACEN and Pagoda. The decision is final and there is no right of review or appeal.

Successful recipients may be required to provide written and video testimonials of their experiences as part of this program. These will be used for promotion of the program components and scholarship outcomes. By applying, you are committing to your availability for the program dates, and understand that you may be required to provide content relating to your experience on request.


Key Dates

Date Activity
1 June 2022
Applications Open
31 August 2022 Applications Close
30 September 2022
Successful applicants notified
20 February 2023 Internship Placements begin for 8-16 weeks (full or part-time)



For further information about the ACEN Equity Scholarship, please use the contact details below:



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Paul Bailey – Regional Partnerships Director, Pagoda Projects