WIL Quality Framework

Ensuring quality WIL programs and processes is increasingly become a significant priority for higher education institutions. In this session, we hear from the authors of the Quality WIL Framework, a practical resource designed to assist institutions to evaluate and benchmark WIL curriculum, outcomes, policies and practices. The session will explore the underlying principles of the Framework, considered alongside wider constructs of quality in WIL in higher education, and extend to explorations of the application of the Framework in reviewing contemporary WIL practice. Throughout the session participants will be encouraged to share how they use the framework, or could use the framework, and reflect on constructs of quality in WIL and relationship to practice.

This session will be of value to WIL practitioners, both academic and professional, curriculum leaders, quality assurance and curriculum review teams, and higher education administrators.

Date: Friday 8th October 2021

Time: 11:00am AEDT

ACEN Critical Conversations provides a platform for discussion around current issues facing WIL practitioners. Driven by the ACEN Professional Development and Resources committee, this virtual session involves facilitated online conversations in discipline groups. We invite you to speak up, share your thoughts on what matters to you most and offer strategies to encourage one another in our WIL community.