ACEN Critical Conversations – The impact of COVID-19 on WIL

Where are we now?

12 May 2022

11:30AM (AEST)


12 May 2022


11:30AM (AEST)




Two years ago we were in the midst of facilitating higher education in new ways, having moved quickly online and experimenting with ways to maintain our industry-based experiences and partnerships. Today new challenges have emerged as final years students are invited to fill labour shortages, expectations for more WIL is promised in strategic priorities, and resourcing in many instances is scarce. But opportunities have also flourished, alternative WIL models are offering great success for student learning outcomes, some effective partnerships have been established between third-party providers, community or organisations, and cohorts of students otherwise not able to access WIL are now provided opportunities.

In this ACEN Critical Conversation, we want to hear from you, your challenges and successes, as we continue to make WIL work in this disrupted world. You will have two opportunities to share insights over two 20 minute breakout rooms, and network with a range of practitioners across disciplines.

ACEN Critical Conversations provides a platform for discussion around current issues facing WIL practitioners. Driven by the ACEN Professional Development and Resources committee, this virtual session involves facilitated online conversations in cross-disciplinary groups. We invite you to speak up, share your thoughts on what matters to you most and offer strategies to encourage one another in our WIL community.


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