ACEN Critical Conversations – The challenge of inclusive WIL and the consequence of not prioritising it

27 April 2022

11:30AM (AEST)


27 April 2022


11:30AM (AEST)




Organised by the ACEN Vic/Tas Chapter, this first national ACEN-NAGCAS Critical Conversation will use a disability lens to bring issues underpinning student engagement into focus. The Conversation will begin with a short presentation about current research findings. These findings indicate that universities do not sufficiently understand how students with disability think about their careers. As a result the sector misses opportunities, including through WIL, to develop students’ careers thinking and address issues that underpin their relationship with the world of work. The ramifications for other equity students will be considered in the Critical Conversation’s breakout sessions. Key questions to be interrogated in the breakout sessions are:

1. How can WIL be structured to develop the way equity students think about their careers?
2. How does your organisation define and measure employability?
3. What would help you make WIL more inclusive for SwD (Students with disability) and HEPPP (Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program) students?

Read the recently published report by David Eckstein “Meaningful Jobs for Students with Disability” 

ACEN-NAGCAS Critical Conversations provides a platform for discussion around current issues facing WIL practitioners. This virtual session involves a brief keynote speaker and facilitated online conversations. We invite you to share your thoughts on what matters to you most and offer strategies to encourage one another in our WIL & employability communities.


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