ACEN Chapter Led Conversations – Supporting students’ entrepreneurial and self-directed pathways to employment

13 July 2023



13 July 2023






Supporting students’ entrepreneurial and self-directed pathways to employment

Self-employment has become more common in recent years with close to 10% of graduates choosing to work for themselves post-study. Graduates are finding their own employment pathways in a range of industries including engineering, the arts and business fields. How is higher education responding to supporting graduates who seek to become entrepreneurs, proprietors or freelancers? Entrepreneurial programs facilitated through WIL offer one way of engaging students in these skillsets. In this ACEN Chapter Led Conversations, Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship, UTS, will take us through unpacking some of the trends and insights facing higher education institutions to respond to supporting diverse graduate career pathways. In the second part of the session, participants are invited to share their perceptions, problems or programs with the ACEN community to collaboratively explore better preparing students for their self-determined futures.

Facilitated by the ACEN Chapters, Chapter Led Conversations provide a platform for discussion around current issues facing WIL practitioners. Open nationally to all ACEN Members, these virtual sessions involve facilitated online conversations in discipline groups. We invite you to speak up, share your thoughts on what matters to you most and offer strategies to encourage one another in our WIL community.


Associate Professor Denise Jackson (ECU)

Murray Hurps

Director of Entrepreneurship, UTS

Murray Hurps is the Director of Entrepreneurship for UTS, leading the work of the University to inspire and support technology-enabled entrepreneurs. Before building the largest community of student-launched startups at UTS, Murray was CEO of Fishburners, growing it from 100 desks of startup space, to 750 across Sydney, Brisbane and Shanghai, and supporting 508 startups during this time. He founded Startup Muster, the largest survey of Australian startups for five years, reviewing a few thousand Australian startups each year. He founded FUELD, Westpac’s data-focused accelerator program. Murray has been a Director of the Australian Information Industry Association, Spark Festival and WorkVentures, all in support of Australian technology-enabled entrepreneurs. Murray does what he does because at 16 he founded Ad Muncher, an ad-blocking startup that grew for 14 years, to a peak of 100 million active users. He wants more Australians to understand and pursue the opportunities they have today through technology-enabled entrepreneurship, and for Australia to realise the benefits of this as well.


August 30 2023

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