Nomination Form for Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, General member

ACEN State/Territory Chapter Committee

Elections to fill positions on the ACEN State/Territory Chapter Committees will be held in September 2023. Use this Nomination Form to nominate for any of the following positions:

  • Chapter Chairperson
  • Chapter Deputy Chairperson
  • Chapter Secretary
  • Chapter General member (multiple vacancies).

ACEN members who wish to stand for election must be nominated by two other members of ACEN, using the nominator’s form which should be uploaded to this Nomination Form. A separate form is required to nominate for the position of Chapter Director on the ACEN Board (also a member of the Chapter Committee).

The tenure of those elected to the Chapter Committees is two years, commencing from the completion of the next ACEN national Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 1 November 2023. The procedures for the nomination and election of Chapter Committees are outlined in the ACEN Chapter by-laws.

Nomination Form