Research Grants

2021 ACEN Research Grants

The ACEN Board are pleased to announce the following 2021 Research Grants:

Emergent/Early Career Researcher Grants $5,000

The Impact of Structured Interprofessional Education (IPE) Clinical Placements on Student Interprofessional Collaborative

Sonya Mattiazzi, University of Queensland

Despite ever-increasing interest in interprofessional education, our work shows there is a considerable knowledge gap on how clinical placements impact on the development of interprofessional collaborative practice functioning behaviour in health professional students (Mattiazzi, Cottrell, Ng, & Beckman, 2021). This project aims to address this gap by investigating the development of these behaviours in specific interprofessional placements when compared to more traditional placements where there is a focus on a single profession.

Themes: Impact of WIL

Experience of Students with disabilities engaging in WIL placements

Timothy Boye, University of Technology Sydney

Universities put significant resources into supporting students with disabilities on campus. However, off-campus in work-integrated learning (WIL) employers are expected to take responsibility for students on a day-to-day basis. This project seeks to understand and communicate the experience of students with disabilities on WIL placement in order to better support them in future.

Themes: Inclusive practice, equity and access in WIL

Full Researcher Grants $10,000

Equitable WIL: Building host organisation capacity to ensure safe and inclusive WIL programs for students with a disability.

Tanya Lawlis, University of Canberra

This project will improve the accessibility and participation of students with a disability engaging in WIL. Framed around three concepts: aware, prepared and inclusive, the developed framework with resources will facilitate host organisation engagement, capacity and confidence to provide safe, relevant and appropriate WIL opportunities that meet relevant legislation and university requirements and, improve student engagement.

Themes: Inclusive practice, equity and access in WIL

Avoiding Transactional Placements: Tips, training, and guidance from the lived experience of Indigenous organisations and community groups.

Wayne Read, Deakin University

The project collaborates with Indigenous organisations (businesses and community groups) to understand the current experiences with WIL, including the benefits and consequences of engaging with WIL programs in the past and in the future. Through a collaborative research technique, the project will develop guides for practitioners on establishing sustainable, respectful Indigenous WIL partnerships, and training material for preparing students ahead of placements within Indigenous businesses and groups.

Themes: Indigenous engagement with WIL