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Notice to Members of 2021 Annual General Meeting

Meeting Details
Date: Wednesday 10 November 2021

Time: 2:00pm AEDT


Test your Zoom:


  • The meeting will be recorded.
  • Hover over the Zoom screen and a menu bar will appear at the bottom
  • Please mute your connection to minimize background noise
  • Add your full name to the chat box as a record of your attendance.
  • While documents will be shared online, all documents will be made available below prior to the AGM.
  • Although the AGM is held over Zoom, a physical address is required:
Meeting Papers

The following meeting papers will be available prior to the AGM:


A Member who is entitled to attend and vote at this meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of the Member. Details in relation to a Member’s entitlement to appoint a proxy and instructions for the lodgement of a Proxy Form are described in Clauses 25-27 of the Constitution (see:

To be effective,  proxies must be sent to ACEN Administration by 5:00pm November 1, 2021.