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2021 ACEN AGM & Call for Nominations

National Nominations & AGM details for 2021 are listed below.

Notice to Members of 2021 Annual General Meeting

Meeting Details
Date: Wednesday 10 November 2021

Time: 2:00pm AEDT


Test your Zoom:


  • The meeting will be recorded.
  • Hover over the Zoom screen and a menu bar will appear at the bottom
  • Please mute your connection to minimize background noise
  • Add your full name to the chat box as a record of your attendance.
  • While documents will be shared online, all documents will be made available below prior to the AGM.
  • Although the AGM is held over Zoom, a physical address is required:
Meeting Papers

The following meeting papers will be available prior to the AGM:


A Member who is entitled to attend and vote at this meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of the Member. Details in relation to a Member’s entitlement to appoint a proxy and instructions for the lodgement of a Proxy Form are described in Clauses 25-27 of the Constitution (see:

To be effective,  proxies must be sent to ACEN Administration by 5:00pm November 1, 2021.


Call for Nominations

Nominations are called for up to FOUR eligible members to be elected as Directors to the ACEN Board

Nominations Open: 10th September 2021

Nominations Close: 29th September 2021

To be eligible for election you must:

  • Be an ACEN member prior to date of the general meeting
  • Have your nomination supported and signed by two other Members who are eligible to vote using the Nominator Form
  • Have you nomination supported by your employer using the Institutional Statement of Support 
  • Agree to abide by the rules and constitution of ACEN

Potential Board Directors should be aware that they are obligated to demonstrate support from their employer for their participation on the Board, including attendance at one face-to-face meeting each year. See also: Executive Responsibilities and Board Code of Conduct.

Results will be announced at the AGM on 10th November 2021.

An election will be held via online voting in the event that the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies.

Submitting a Nomination

1. Download the Nominator Form and complete – nominations must be signed by 2 Nominators who are ACEN Members eligible to vote.

2. Download the Institutional Statement of Support and complete – nominations must be supported by the nominees institution.

3. Complete the below online Nomination Form, including uploading your completed and signed Nominator Forms and Institutional Statement of Support.

Online Nomination Form