Developing strategies to maximise industry contribution and engagement with the WIL experience

Work-rwil-in-your-business-trimmedeady graduates meet the demands of a rapidly changing and increasingly global economy.

Embedding Work Integrated Learning (WIL) into curriculum enables real-world learning which better prepares students for entry into the workforce.

Engagement with industry and community partners is integral to quality WIL.

Collaboration and consultation with these external partners to determine what they require to support involvement in and contribution to WIL is essential.



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Designing authentic assessments that allow students to demonstrate learning of industry-specific workplace practices can be challenging.



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Employing coaching strategies can assist students to consider and reflect on their own emerging knowledge and skills.



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Some key practical activities and approaches to consider when preparing a student for WIL with your organisation


Managing Relationships

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Some key approaches to consider when establishing a relationship with an educational institution for WIL placements and projects


Support for Supervisors


‘Get Engaged’ is an online resource for practitioners who supervise university students in their workplace as part of a university degree