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Preparation for international sports-based WIL

A preparation program to support these students has been developed that includes modules and resources specific to the international placement destination. These include self-awareness, health and wellbeing, successful entrepreneurship, intercultural sensitivity and country of placement orientation.


Interdisciplinary Studio-Based Work Integrated Learning

This interdisciplinary studio-based work integrated learning guide is based on lessons learnt from a 12 month project that  brought together health sciences and architecture students and staff to explore how health and wellbeing con be optimised through...

An Industry-linked Honours program in Science

Using waste to fight against Dengue Fever, Kiribati (central Pacific) - an industry linked project The Bachelor of Science Advanced-Global Challenges Honours year is a unique research program that immerses talented science students in an experiential and...

Copyright remix – Fair dealing image resources for digital age

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Employability for the WIL community – webinar

This webinar focuses on how to embed this cognitive and social development of learners within existing curriculum, sharing research-enabled tools and resources that help scaffold employability learning including that gained within WIL experiences.

What lawyers know about legal risks in WIL – webinar recording

October 24,  2017 This webinar will present the results of a case study of Australian university lawyers. The study reveals a series of program and contract risks in WIL programs that have not previously been explored in the literature. The findings will...

Three-way virtual, global WIL project

A Virtual Global WIL Project (VGWP) is an innovative pedagogical model for developing global competency and business skills that reflects real-world business practice. The VGWP brings students from multiple countries and time zones together to solve a real-life...

Preparation for international sports-based WIL

Industry Placement Field Project is a core unit of the Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity. New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants provided the opportunity for students to complete an international placement in the area of sport development in India (2016; 2017)...