Enhancing workplace learning through mobile technology – presentation

Presentation slides and flyer with all the relevant links to the resources discussed during the webinar held on March 10, 2016 and hosted by Charles Sturt University.

Workplace learning and technology-mediated learning are two key foci for university education. However, they often remain separate discourses and practices, though the integration of authentic work-based activities and technology-mediated learning can provide important opportunities to bridge education and work contexts and build students’ digital capacities, online professional identities and technology-mediated work practices. This webinar presented preliminary findings of an OLT funded project, aimed at helping students, academics and workplace educators/supervisors make better use of personal, mobile technologies to connect learning and work.

Presentation slides (PDF)

Recruitment flyer and resources

Pre-Place Placement Preparation

Pre-place-logoPre-Place is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary online program designed to provide workplace intelligence to tertiary students prior to an  industry placement. The program covers university  policy requirements and procedures such as work health and safety; problem solving skills and professional attitudes and skills.

In three modules, Pre-Place covers work safety practices;  fitness for placement; how to deal with workplace injury, violence, harassment, bullying and discrimination; organizational culture; work/life balance;  how to deal with feedback; professional conduct; and withdrawal from placements.

Pre-Place prepares students in each key area by providing:

  • PP-videocontextual information;
  • links to resources such as relevant documents and legislation;
  • tasks in the form of a multiple choice questions using a mix of video and case study scenarios;
  • immediate feedback on the chosen responses; and
  • a system that enables students to re-attempt any question  until the passing grade is obtained and recorded in the grade book.

Pre-Place is currently available for purchase  by any tertiary organisation as a flexible package enabling:

  • integration with operating system requirements (Moodle or Blackboard); and
  • customisation to your brand, including internal links to policies and procedures.

Accessible to students through online delivery, Pre-Place currently supports Flinders University’s diverse student population including those in regional and remote settings. Pre-Place provides students with a firm foundation for participating in a successful Work-Integrated Learning experience.

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