Curious about WIL research?

Want to learn more about what others are doing in the WIL space?

Interested in meeting others working in WIL?

The ACEN NSW/ACT Chapter and ACEN National Research, Scholarship and Professional Learning sub-committee invites you to the next WIL Research Conversation! This is a friendly, informal gathering of like-minded practitioners and scholars interested in furthering our knowledge of WIL scholarship, research and practice. The group aims to meet face-to-face through Zoom to discuss thoughts, insights and practical applications related to a nominated WIL journal article or topic.

The WIL Research Conversation will take place:
Date: Friday, 14th December 2018
Time: 12pm – 12:45pm AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne)

Following the recent ACEN conference, the paper that won ‘Best Paper’ award, entitled ‘Debriefing, the Shapeshifter: How Practitioners Conceptualise Debriefing for Work-Integrated Learning’ by Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto and Dr Anna Rowe will be discussed.

Who can participate? Any member of ACEN!

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Further information: Contact Dr Bonnie Dean

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