Expanding Work Integrated Learning (WIL) possibilities: enhancing student employability through innovative WIL models

In the face of rapid changes in the world of work characterised by disruptive technologies and increased globalisation there is a need for work integrated models to align with the contemporary work environment and prepare students for this future. This project is seeking to identify and showcase innovative approaches to WIL such as micro internships, WIL in incubators and event based WIL with a particular focus on models that engage successfully with small to medium enterprises. Resources and case studies to support industry and the tertiary sector will be developed.


Recent Projects include:

Assessing the impact of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) on student work-readiness

wil-impact-project-logoThis project, the first of its kind in the Australian context, is designed to provide an empirical evidence base for the impact of WIL on students’ preparedness for work or professional practice across multiple disciplines. This project will define WIL in terms of its essential characteristics – opportunities for students to experience highly authentic expressions of work-place practice, systematically built into curricula. The project will inform strategic curriculum reform investment in universities and related funding decisions across the higher education sector.


Enhancing access, participation and progression in WIL

access-part-equity-logoSuccessful WIL activities offer many benefits to students and can contribute to a sustainable workforce for future economic growth. Yet some students face barriers in gaining access to full engagement with such activities.


Volunteering to Learn

volunteering-to-learn-logoStudent volunteering can refer to a range of activities including placement in volunteer positions in community organisations, volunteering through university based programs such as volunteer hubs or centres and service by student to their universities by way of clubs and associations.


WIL Leadership Project

WIL-leadership-logoThe WIL Leadership Framework

The WIL Leadership Framework represents a multi-layered description of the capabilities employed by WIL leaders. These WIL capabilities have been integrated into five WIL leadership domains.