Member institutions

Member institutions


List of member institutions with 2020 Renewals shown in red.

Staff of the financial Full Institutional Members are entitled to membership of ACEN and just need to register without the payment of any additional fee.

Limited institutional membership (L) are entitled to name five members.

Please contact for any queries.


Institution/Organisation Representative Status
Australian National University Dr Stephen Milnes Renewed for 2020
Australian Catholic University Ass Prof. Elizabeth Santhanam Renewed for 2020
Central Queensland University Mr Ian Devenish Renewed for 2020
Charles Darwin University Sarah Fletcher Renewed for 2019
Charles Sturt University Raegan Petzel Renewed for 2020
Curtin University Associate Professor Sonia Ferns Renewed for 2020
Deakin University Prof Liz Johnson Renewed for 2020
Edith Cowan University Associate Professor Denise Jackson Renewed for 2020
Federation University Dr Helen Weadon Renewed for 2019
Flinders University Helen Stephenson Renewed for 2020
Griffith University Karen Robinson Renewed for 2020
Holmesglen Institute Sharon Hebdon Renewed for 2020
International College of Management (L) Dr George Brown Renewed for 2020
James Cook University Tracy Bagley Renewed for 2020
La Trobe University Rachael Baron Renewed for 2020
Le Cordon Bleu Darren Camilleri Renewed for 2019
Navitas Professional (L) Regina Liao Joined for 2019
Macquarie University Associate Professor Kate Lloyd Renewed for 2020
Monash University Ms Michelle Maes Renewed for 2020
Murdoch University Dr David Rowbottom Renewed for 2019
Queensland University of Technology Associate Professor Judith Smith Renewed for 2020
Readygrad (L) Danielle Barrett Renewed for 2019
RMIT University Ms Judie Kay Renewed for 2020
Southern Cross University Dr Michael Whelan Renewed for 2020
Swinburne University of Technology Dr Clare Dyson Renewed for 2020
Torrens University (L) Tracey A. Howell Joined in 2019
University of Adelaide Sharon Scott Renewed for 2020
University of Canberra Professor Lyndon Anderson Renewed for 2019
University of Melbourne Davina Potts Renewed for 2020
University of New England Dr Leopold Bayerlein Renewed for 2019
University of New South Wales Associate Professor Leanne Piggott Renewed for 2020
University of Newcastle Kylie Twyford Renewed for 2020
University of Notre Dame Australia Louise Kesterson Renewed for 2019
University of Queensland Dr Dino Willox Renewed for 2020
University of South Australia Dale Wache Renewed for 2020
University of Southern Queensland Belinda Reimer Renewed for 2019
University of Sydney Associate Professor  Rachael Hains-Wesson Renewed for 2019
University of Tasmania Associate Professor Natalie Brown Renewed for 2020
University of Technology Sydney Julieanne O’Hara Renewed for 2020
University of the Sunshine Coast Robyn Warn Renewed for 2020
University of Western Australia Ms Diane McLaren Renewed for 2020
University of Wollongong Ms Nuala O’Donnell Renewed for 2020
Victoria University Ms Sonja Kiernan Renewed for 2020
Western Sydney University Dr Jen Mcpherson Renewed for 2020