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• September 2012 Newsletter •

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‘Collaborative Education: Investing in the future'  2012 ACEN National Conference


One hundred accepted conference papers

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In this issue

1. ‘Collaborative Education: Investing in the future’ ACEN National Conference

2. ACEN student scholarships

3. Nominations for ACEN State Chairs and ACEN National Executive

4. ACEN Honorary Life Membership nominations

5. ACEN projects

  • Good WIL hunting
  • The Impact of WIL: Surveying the Australian Scene
  • National WIL Portal

6. ACEN and NZACE Webinar

7. Service Learning Summit

8. New tools to facilitate industry-university engagement

9. Service-Learning and Community Engagement

10. Studies in Higher Education • Volume 37, Issue 5, 2012

11. 18th WACE World Conference

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1. ‘Collaborative Education: Investing in the future’ ACEN National Conference

100 Accepted papers

A comprehensive list of over a hundred accepted papers will highlight the importance of WIL.

Conference program now available

See the latest program outline with titles of papers and speakers presenting in categories of Research, Showcase, Round table and Symposia. There’s also an opportunity to meet the keynotes.


Standards fees are available until 24 October 2012 with an increase after 25 October.


ACEN members get discounts. Are you a member? Yes - if your institution is. Is it?

2. ACEN student scholarships

WIL student standing next to light aircraft that took her to her placement venueEarlier this year ACEN was delighted to award five student scholarships to students doing their WIL placement in rural and remote locations.

See how one student managed in the NT and discovered 'Ngangers Bangers'.

3. Nominations for ACEN State Chairs and ACEN National Executive

The Annual General Meeting is to be held on November 1, as part of the AGM. Formal notice will be sent shortly. As part of that process nominations will be called for

  • Five State Chairs, to be elected by the states prior to AGM, electronically if more than one nomination received, and ratified at AGM
  • Four General Members, election to be held at AGM if more than 4 nominations are received.

Members will receive a separate email with full details.

4. ACEN Honorary Life Membership nominations

Do you know someone who has retired or left the WIL field who has made an enormous contribution to WIL in Australia or internationally ?
Why not nominate them for an ACEN honorary Life membership to recognise that contribution ?

The ACEN National Executive is currently calling for nominations for people to receive Honorary Life memberships. This award is intended to recognise significant service and contribution to Work Integrated learning (WIL ) in Australia and or internationally in areas of practice, pedagogy or research

Nominees will

  • Have made a significant contribution to advancing the practice, theory or status of work integrated learning
  • Have a minimum 5 years’ service in the field of Work Integrated Learning  
  • Be retired or no longer work in the Work Integrated Learning field

More details about the process and benefits

Nominations for 2012 close on October 15.

5. ACEN projects

Good WIL hunting

Having hunted down WIL Leaders in specific discipline areas in the Project's partner universities and employer organisations, and capturing their expertise on WIL Leadership, the WIL Leadership Project Team has been distilling the key themes. This data is now shaping the draft WIL Leadership Framework, which will provide foci and resources for WIL Leaders and networks.

The Impact of WIL: Surveying the Australian Scene

The Impact of WIL Project Team has spent the past month finalising the key survey instrument, and preparing for deployment across thirteen universities. Reference Group input will be used to fine-tune before the survey "goes live" via Survey Monkey. The thirteen universities involved (listed on the website) represent a wide spread across Australia, and Project Team members have worked hard to identify subjects that will sample a wide range of fields of discipline and types of WIL.

National WIL Portal

The National WIL Portal will soon display new information aimed at helping employers define what constitutes a WIL opportunity. These are general guidelines which will differentiate between work integrated learning and casual employment and graduate positions.

The new guidelines are expected to be included in the website information in the coming weeks. We welcome feedback on the Portal’s website – please send comments to wil-support@acen.edu.au

6. ACEN and NZACE Webinar

'Impact of student circumstances: managing the realities of WIL' was held on September 24. Thirty participants from eleven universities – nine Australian and two NZ – took part in this second joint webinar.

The focus for the webinar -

  • An Australian pilot research project conducted to determine the extent and range of issues and possible interventions for students undertaking WIL and encountering financial difficulties
  • Equity issues that are always present in WIL and how these can be managed in Co-op: a case study from one New Zealand programme.

You can still hear it!

Go to http://tinyurl.com/8oupthx

7. Service Learning Summit

Griffith University confirms that Australia's Second Service Learning Summit is to be held in Brisbane on December 5 and 6.  December 5 will have a range of activities to involve participants with the community sector.  December 6 will be a workshop day leading to participants engaging with a growing bank of knowledge about how service learning is enacted in Australia.  For more information and to register interest, please email sl-summit@griffith.edu.au.

8. New tools to facilitate industry-university engagement

IRU documents for employersThe IRU network of seven universities has launched a range of materials to encourage industry and universities to work together to develop Australia’s future skilled workforce. Businesses are encouraged to work with universities and students to create mutually beneficial projects and placements that align with the curriculum - what is commonly known as work integrated learning (WIL).

The new documents provide a practical toolkit for employers and include:

  • An introduction and benefits of Work Integrated Learning
  • A practical checklist
  • Roles and responsibilities of the workplace supervisor

Developed by the IRU, the resources have received input from industry peak bodies including the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), the Australian Industry Group (AIG) and the Business Council of Australia (BCA).

9. Service-Learning and Community Engagement

The International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) invites you to join in conversation with fellow researchers and practitioner-scholars through our second annual conference Proceedings, now available online at www.iarslceproceedings2012.wikispaces.com

The Proceedings is an online, interactive publication that provides summaries and references for the over 175 sessions to be facilitated by scholars from around the world at the 12th annual conference this fall (Sep. 23 – 25th, Baltimore, MD). It is intended to increase the public visibility of research related to service-learning and community engagement and to facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers and practitioner-scholars.

10. Studies in Higher Education • Volume 37, Issue 5, 2012

'The impact of work placements on skills development and career outcomes for business and management graduates ' by Nick Wilton, Centre for Employment Studies Research, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England

It has become a received wisdom that the completion of a work placement as part of a sandwich undergraduate degree is of positive benefit both to graduates and employers, particularly in an era that stresses the economic contribution of higher education through developing graduate employability.

Read more

11. 18th WACE World Conference

‘WIL-Power: Fueling the Future’

June 24-27, 2013, Durban, South Africa

Call for Abstracts

There is a “Rolling Review & Acceptance” for all submitted abstracts. You will receive notification of your abstract’s status from the WACE Secretariat within two weeks of your original submission.

Please note the earlier submission deadline of March 1, 2013 for Refereed Paper Abstracts.

WACE World Conference Durban, 2013

12. You can contribute too

Space permitting, in this newsletter we'll share news about state, national and international events, research, projects, position vacancies and more. Submit material by the 10th of each month for distribution a few days later.

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