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1. President's Message

2. 2014 ACEN Conference 'Work Integrated Learning: Building capacity'

3. Experiential Learning Workshop in Planning Education

4. Increasing charges for clinical placement for students in health disciplines

5. OLT: 'Leading WIL: A distributed approach to enhance Work Integrated Learning'

6. OLT Inclusive WIL project

7. ACEN Student Scholarships

8. Assessing Work-integrated Learning workshop

9. ACEN Research Grants

10. Dean, Teaching and Learning vacancy

11. NSW/ACT ACEN forum

Juide Kay, ACEN President1. President's Message

Statement of Intent progress

Dialogue and co-operation between the signatories of the Statement of Intent ( insert we link ) has continued with a meeting to progress an action plan in late June. Activities have included participating in a panel at the  ACEN NSW Forum in recent weeks, participation on an Industry working group with the Office of the Chief Scientist to undertake projects to investigate  WIL in STEM disciplines across Australia from both university and industry perspectives and request for information regarding charges for clinical placements from Universities Australia ( see below ). I would encourage you to contact UA with any information you have.

A roundtable is scheduled for the ACEN Conference around the Statement of Intent with confirmed participation from Business Council of Australia, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Universities Australia confirmed. The ACEN Board has also established a subcommittee drawing on representation from  state committees to  assist the Board   in progressing actions flowing from the Statement of Intent.

Australian's at WACE

This week the WACE Research Symposium and the WACE Board meeting will be held at University West,  Sweden with  around 15 of the 150 delegates coming from Australia. I will be attending the WACE Board meeting and have placed the  Statement of Intent on the agenda due to international interest in this development. A report from that event will be in  a future newsletter.

conference logo2. 2014 ACEN Conference 'Work Integrated Learning: Building capacity'

Early bird registration closes June 30

Significant savings can be made by registering now - with discounts for early bird registrations and also for ACEN members.

Register now

Abstracts titles available

See accepted absracts titles for

Pre-conference workshops • Sep 30


Research Symposium • Sep 29

Participants at this symposium will have the opportunity to work with a group of colleagues to develop and present an outline for a research project that investigates a particular aspect of work-integrated learning.  Participation will require some preliminary reading and preparation.

Sponsored by QUT and Griffith University

Register for the Research Symposium

3. Experiential Learning Workshop in Planning Education

Resources and Tools for Good Practice

Wednesday 11 June (RSVP essential)

The Experiential Learning in Planning Education: Resources and Tools for Good Practice project explores the concept of experiential learning and its role in fostering professional skills in tertiary planning graduates. This project has wider applicability across many topic areas, where practical experience benefits student learning

Experiential learning includes activities described in various ways, such as service, practice, outreach, engagement, ‘cooperative’ education and workplace learning experiences through exposure to real planning issues and practice both inside and outside of the university.  The project uses an action research approach to engage students, academics and planning practitioners in evaluating and refining a framework for experiential learning in the partner institutions. It identifies and develops learning tasks and uses quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the effectiveness of key assessment parameters related to process and outcomes of the proposed framework.

This two and a half year project is led by the University of the Sunshine Coast in partnership with La Trobe, Edith Cowan and Griffith Universities, the University of Tasmania and the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).

The two hour workshop will be led by the project's co leader Dr Claudia Baldwin, University of the Sunshine Coast who will describe the multi-university project process and outcomes which are framed as principles.  The workshop will include opportunities for discussion and for you to apply the principles to your own teaching and learning situations.

For more information and a copy of the project’s newsletters visit the project website www.usc.edu.au/explearning

The Online Toolkit is available at: http://experientiallearninginplanning.com.au

Date: Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Time: 9:00 am - 11.00 am

Venue: JS4-11, Collaborative Teaching Room, Jeffrey Smart Building, City West

RSVP Date: Friday, 6th June 2014 (RSVP essential)

RSVP Contact: Roopa.Howard@unisa.edu.au

Morning tea will be provided

dollar signs4. Increasing charges for clinical placement for students in health disciplines

The past 12 months has seen an escalation in charges being levied by many of the health services who provide for clinical placements of university health students. In some cases these charges are new and, in others they represent an increased on charges already in place. While the arrangements and costs vary, these pressures are coming from both public and private providers and are putting university budgets under greater pressure. Some services are charging on the assumption that universities are funded to cover these costs – which they aren't. The frequency and magnitude of charging seems to be increasing with recent advice that one public health service is considering introducing a $166 per day charge for each student in one health discipline. 

Universities Australia, through its Health Professions Education Standing Group, has been working to increase awareness of these pressures among ministers and government agencies. Examples of new or increased costs being levied on universities are extremely helpful in illustrating the seriousness of the issue with key stakeholders. UA has invited VCS, DVCAs and others to contribute such examples. However, ACEN members may be particularly well placed to identify developments of this kind. If you are able to contribute in the way, please forward any material to Allan Groth at a.groth@universitiesaustralia.edu.au

WIL leadership logo5. OLT: 'Leading WIL: A distributed approach to enhance Work Integrated Learning'

See WIL Leadership Framework and resources

The outcomes of this ACEN endorsed OLT project are now available for use by the sector including :

This project will be presenting a roundtable at ACEN conference in October.

OLT Inclusive WIL project6. OLT Inclusive WIL project

Call for contributions

The OLT Project entitled, 'Building institutional capacity to enhance access, participation and progression in Work Integrated Learning' aims to translate inclusive education principles into the WIL context in order to improve student access, participation and progression. The project is using a strategic approach across four levels: principles, policies, guidelines, and processes to support students from diverse backgrounds in the disciplines of built environment, business and health..

Project Outcomes and Achievements to date:

The project is seeking vignettes of inclusive WIL practice to publish as part of the project's resources. So if you have a program, strategy or resource that reflects inclusive WIL, please complete the 'Contribute to the Project' form and a project team member will be in contact.

If you are interested in contributing in other ways, please contact our Project Officer, Lainie Groundwater at lain.groundwater@gmail.com or lainie.groundwater@qut.edu.au

For more information visit the project website.

7. ACEN Student Scholarships

As part of the process, a short list of twenty students has been notified of the need to provide additional information supporting their application. Five scholarships, each of $1,500 will be awarded by August 30.


8. Assessing Work-integrated Learning workshop

Thursday 17 July 2014 • noon – 1pm (Lunch) 1pm - 4pm (Workshop)

ACEN WA event

Assessing WIL Learning ACEN WA eventFacilitated by Ms Sonia Ferns & Dr Megan Le Clus, WIL Project Leader & WIL Coordinator, Work Integrated Learning, Curtin University, Western Australia.

Evidencing students’ skill development challenges traditional models of assessment in a higher education context. Work-integrated learning (WIL) is a highly contextual, multi-disciplinary and complex construct. This workshop will explore tools and strategies for developing and implementing authentic assessment to evidence student outcomes in a WIL context

Flexible Teaching and Learning Room 4.40, Library, North Wing – Level 4, Murdoch University

RSVP Linda Lilly (L.Lilly@curtin.edu.au)

For enquiries Sonia Ferns (S.Ferns@curtin.edu.au or 9266 2435

9. ACEN Research Grants

Seventeen applications have been received for two research grants, each of $10,000. A decision will be announced by June 30.

Curtin University10. Dean, Teaching and Learning vacancy

Curtin University, Science and Engineering Office

5 years, fixed-term, full time

As the Dean, Teaching and Learning your role will provide leadership in guiding the development and integration of services in order to engage strategically with academic staff of the Faculty to enhance the student learning experience within and across schools and to support and promote good practice in relation to teaching and learning.

Applications close: 5 pm, Friday 27 June 2014


11. NSW/ACT ACEN forum

'Developing Engagement with Industry: Implementing the WIL Alliance between Universities and Business'

NSW ACT forum May 2014The NSW/ACT Chapter held a very high profile, interactive forum on 'Developing Engagement with Industry: Implementing the WIL Alliance between Universities and Business' at the Parramatta campus of the University of Western Sydney on 22 May 2014. The topic was especially selected to progress the Statement of Intent on 'Work Integrated Learning – Strengthening university and business partnerships' signed by Universities Australia by Universities Australia, Business Council of Australia, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australian Industry Group and ACEN.

Allan Groth from Universities Australia, Megan Lilley from Australian Industry Group, Nick Minto the NSW Business Chamber and Judie Kay from ACEN were on a panel. Panel members explained their views on the Statement of Intent and the way forward and answered a number of questions.

In the afternoon attendees had robust roundtable discussions on ways to strengthen university and business partnerships and overcome obstacles. The forum ended with a spirited plenary session with active participation by delegates.

The forum was attended by 60 delegates from 12 universities, four professional organisations, Universities Australia and the Office of Learning & Teaching.

Presentation files

Audio tapes of the panel discussion are available on the ACEN website.

Welcome & Panel Presentations (audio)

Panel Discussions QandA (audio)

Panel Responses and Discussions (audio)

A PowerPoint presentation (converted to PDF) by Nick Minto, Senior Policy Adviser – Employment, Education and Training, NSW Business Chamber is also available.