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August 2019 newsletter





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1. From the President

2. ACEN Special General Meeting 27 August 2019

3. ACEN webinars

4. ACEN Research Conversations - online

5. ACEN chapter events

6. 2020 ACEN Conference Sub-themes announced

7. Service-learning Summit - call for abstracts

8. ACEN signs Global WIL Charter

9. New IJWIL articles published

10. HERDSA 2020 Conference

11. ACEN is on Twitter and LinkedIn!

1. From the President

Sonia Ferns ACEN PresidentThe ACEN Board is actively driving several key initiatives as the end of 2019 draws ever closer.

Hot off the press news

Firstly, I am pleased to report that a couple of days ago Routledge formally accepted the proposal for the ACEN publication: Theories, Practices and Research in Work integrated learning in Australia: Enhancing employability capabilities for a sustainable future. Now that chapter titles have been confirmed by the publishers, the editors will progress with advising the outcomes to those who submitted an expression of Interest. We apologise for the delay but it was imperative that confirmation was received from the publisher before advising authors. Routledge are keen to work with ACEN and see great value in the publication.

A framework for institution-wide quality in WIL

The ACEN Board is also focussed on leading and progressing a quality framework for WIL. Invaluable groundwork for this initiative is provided by the ACEN funded grant: Developing a framework to support assurance of institution-wide quality in work integrated learning led by Matthew Campbell from QUT. While the final report for the project is still underway, the interim outcomes provide great insights to what constitutes quality WIL. Congratulations to the project team. This work is also timely as the partners involved in the National WIL Strategy have agreed to revisit and revise the Strategy in light of the developments in WIL over recent years.

Professional learning

This newsletter promotes a vast range of professional learning opportunities for ACEN members including research conversations, inclusive WIL, innovative non-placement WIL activities, assessment and WIL, reflection in WIL, Service Learning, and supporting students to develop a personal brand. These events are being hosted in various locations around Australia and being conducted by a broad range of ACEN members which is indicative of the growing expertise in WIL. A big thank you to those members running these sessions and sharing their experiences and knowledge in the WIL space. There is also a Service-learning summit scheduled for 14 and 15 November, a great opportunity to share ideas on service learning and its contribution to student outcomes. And of course, preparations for the 2020 ACEN Conference are well underway. Look out for submission opportunities and registrations.  

Good conduct

The Code of Conduct to which the ACEN Board abides has been recognised by Board Matters, an organisation that provides professional assistance to organisations. The article cites ACEN’s Code of Conduct as “an excellent example” (p.6). A transparent and inclusive Code of Conduct is instrumental to a successful and sustainable organisation.


An interesting article has recently been published by Emeritus Professor Beverley Oliver on Making Micro-credentials work: for learners, employers and providers

The article examines the characteristics and systems that need to be in place to make micro-credentials valuable and useful to learners, employers and educators. It is a scholarly paper which seeks to advance the national discussion regarding micro-credentials and considers the implications for the future of education. The report has generated interest from the AQF review panel and others, and is very relevant to the intersection between workplace learning and higher education.

Special general meeting

Finally, I remind all ACEN members about the Special General meeting to be held on 27th August. It is important that we have a broad representation of the membership at this meeting.

Sonia Ferns, President, ACEN

2. ACEN Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of Australian Collaborative Education Network Limited will be held by Zoom at 1:00 pm AEST on Tuesday August 27 2019, to consider and vote on the following resolution:

It is hereby resolved that the revised wording to paragraph 31.3 of the Constitution of the Australian Collaborative Education Network Limited ACN143 075 932, is adopted.

Details of the revised wording to paragraph 31.3, including background and rationale to the revision of the constitution is given here.

Agenda and Logistics

Remember to test your Zoom access in advance!How to take part

3. ACEN webinars

Service learning webinarMaking more of WIL with Service Learning

12 September 2019

Carol-joy Patrick, Adjunct Senior Lecturer Senior Fellow, Griffith Learning and Teaching Academy

There has been growing interest in SL as a response to expanding the types of opportunities students can experience as part of the broader demand for WIL. Of course, anyone operating a WIL program can utilise social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations as places of internships in regular WIL programs. However, there are special components of SL which make the experience much more than a career-ready experience developing students professional skills.

This Webinar will identify for participants, the elements of SL which make it different to WIL, or create an environment of WIL-plus for students, for the university, and especially for the community. It will look at some of the abundant research on curriculum-based SL in North America and open up the world of resources available for those wishing to enact SL opportunities for their students as an approach to WIL, or simply to create an opportunity for students to experience in their higher education experience, an awareness of their role and responsibility in their world.

Internships and PhDs webinarInternships and PhDs – webinar recording

This presentation provides an overview of the UK and US approaches to Internship and PhDs and the role of WIL in higher degree research programs in Australia.

Presented by Faith Valencia-Forrester, Director of the Service-Learning Unit and a Senior Lecturer at Griffith University.

Listen to the recording of the webinar held on August 13

4. ACEN Research Conversations - online

Research ConversationsWIL Research Conversations is a friendly, informal gathering of like-minded practitioners and scholars interested in furthering our knowledge of WIL scholarship, research and practice. We get together once a month around a paper or topic, to hear from the author(s) of the paper and engage with each other through small online group discussions.

Inclusive WIL

Friday, 30 August 12pm – 1pm (AEST)

In August, we will hear from Dr Jacqueline Mackaway (Macquarie University) on some of the barriers and opportunities for developing an inclusive approach to WIL.

Non-placement WIL

Friday, 27 September 12pm – 1pm (AEST)

In this session, Dr Bonnie Dean, Dr Michelle Eady and Venkata Yanamandram (University of Wollongong) will encourage practice sharing of innovative non-placement WIL activities and discussion around how we might turn these into opportunities for research.

Assessment and WIL

Friday, 25th October 12pm – 1pm (AEST)

In October we have invited Associate Professor  Rola Ajjawi and Dr Joanna Tai from CRADLE at Deakin University to discuss the challenges of designing authentic assessment in WIL and invite us to consider applications to our own practice.

Reflection in WIL

Friday, 29th November 12pm – 1pm (AEST)

In this session, Associate Professor Marina Harvey from the University of New South Wales will lead us in discussion that focusses on researching reflection in WIL

5. ACEN chapter events

Supporting students develop a personal brand – ACEN WA

ACEN WA squaresThis interactive workshop recognises the importance of students developing a personal brand for enhancing employability. It will connect professional identity, a key dimension of student employability, with professional persona and personal brand. Presenters will review ways that students can create, market and position their brand, with a particular focus on ePortfolios and LinkedIn profiles.

Date: Tuesday 24 September 2019.

For further information about this event please contact: h.pate@ecu.edu.au

Save the Date ACEN Queensland


Work Integrated Learning Symposium and End of Year Celebration

Wednesday 9 October, 2019

Global Institute for Change, UQ St Lucia Campus

Formal invitations to follow

6. 2020 ACEN Conference • Sub-themes announced

Melbourne Skyline

The call for abstracts will open in early October.

There will be a rolling abstract process and papers will be considered for acceptance as they are submitted.

Submission Deadline: Friday 17 April 2020

7. Service-learning Summit - call for abstracts

Service-learnng SummitService-learning (SL) at Australian universities is growing as an approach to Work-integrated Learning. 

We are pleased to confirm that a Service-learning network has been established and Griffith University will host a Summit at its Gold Coast campus this November to support universities to expand SL opportunities for their students.

We are calling for abstracts for innovative program sessions including TED-type talks, world cafes and personal introspectives. Abstracts to be submitted by Fri 27 September 2019.

For further information please contact: r.mcgregor@griffith.edu.au

Early Bird Registrations now open $535 until Fri 27th September

8. ACEN signs Global WIL Charter

Signing WACE charter

Pic l to r. Professor Maurits Vanrooijen, CEO of WACE, Judie Kay (Immediate Past ACEN President and WACE Executive Committee member) and Dr Nancy Johnson President WACE, signing the Charter.

At the World Conference on WIL at the University of Cincinnati USA this month,ACEN joined with over 50 universities and national associations to sign the Global WIL Charter. This Charter has been developed by the WACE. The inaugural signatory organizations — among which, 14 countries and five continents are represented — formalized a commitment to grow the number and quality of international work-integrated education opportunities for students around the world. By engaging and uniting with their employer partners to provide access for all tertiary students to international work-based experiences, these organizations will more effectively prepare students for productive and rewarding employment anywhere in the world.

Charter organizations agree to answer three calls to action:

  1. Create a significant number of new opportunities for students of Charter supporters to obtain meaningful, international, work-integrated experiences, with a focus on scaling up;

  2. Develop and deliver educational offerings specifically designed to enhance student intercultural fluency and resilience with focus on equity, diversity and inclusion;

  3. Facilitate conversations between higher education and business to determine what constitutes 'global work readiness', and embedding these attributes in a global quality assurance framework.

Other national associations which joined ACEN in signing the Charter included New Zealand (NZACE), UK (ASET), Canada (CEWIL), Sweden (VILAR), Thailand (TACE), USA (CEIA) and leading WIL universities included Waterloo, Cincinnati, Simon Fraser, Suranaree, Waikato and Drexel.

Judie Kay (Immediate Past ACEN President and WACE Executive Committee member) signed the Charter on behalf of ACEN.

9. New IJWIL articles published

International Journal of Work-Integrated LearningThe International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning is pleased to announce the publishing of a Special Issue arising from the 3rd international WACE research symposium.

The symposium was held in Stuttgart, Germany, in June 2018.

10. HERDSA 2020 Conference

G=HERDSA 2020 ConferenceWelcome to HERDSA 2020 Research & Development in Higher Education

You are invited to join us at HERDSA 2020, the 43rd annual conference of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)

Brisbane Australia 30th June – 3rd July 2020.

11. ACEN is on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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