Board Members

The 2018-19 Board is

Dr Sonia Ferns, Curtin University President, WA nominated Chapter director
Dr Dino Willox, University of Queensland Chair Finance and Audit and Company Secretary, Elected general director
Chris Gonsalvez, Monash University Vic/Tas nominated Chapter director
Assoc. Professor Denise Jackson, Edith Cowan University* Elected general director
Judie Kay, RMIT University* Elected general director
Assoc. Professor Susan Rowland, University of Queensland*  Elected general director
Dr Anna Rowe, University of New South Wales ACT/NSW nominated Chapter director
Sharon Scott, University of Adelaide** SA/NT nominated Chapter director
Assoc. Professor Jude Smith, Queensland University of Technology* Elected general director
Assoc. Professor Franziska Trede, University of Technology, Sydney*  Elected general director
Faith Valencia-Forrester, Griffith University Qld nominated Chapter director

* Elected in November 2018
** Joined Board in December 2018

2017 ACEN Board

l. to r. Robert Ewers, SA/NT rep; Anna Rowe, NSW/ACT rep; Jude Smith, general rep; Don MacDowall, ACEN admin; Franziska Trede, general rep; Dino Willox, general rep; Judie Kay, President; Denise Jackson, general rep; Sonia Ferns, WA rep; Chris Gonsalvez; Vic/Tas rep; Faith Valencia-Forrester, Qld rep. Photographer – innocent passerby